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do textile business, lay still can beat


many layman dealers for textile enterprises of dependence generally high, especially some take their huo ming qian do textile business of small and medium dealers, against the companies a wide range of requirements, as if as long as can get good policy, can business done, initiative deviation, how to play these layman dealers original respective advantage, has become urgent to solve the problem.

is now a layman beat expert era, why say that? because the only constant is change the world, in fast changing world, within success of a lot of experience, but may become to the upper floor biggest barrier; within the shelf life of more and more short, adept if can not advance with the times, will soon become layman. long in lakes of old swordsman, not afraid know thyself master, but afraid never took sword of novice, they multi-not the wild card, often tricks, weird, their only goal is win. like li ao told joke, boys, men and old man, in a variety of time attention-something he.

similarly, consumers for home textile focus is changing, from the time point of view, 85 years ago, of attention is is there, you have products can sell goods, no matter good or bad; 95 years ago, of attention is okay, you the quality of our products, goods also worry about; prior to 2000, people started to pay attention to is worth, your product if feelgood value for money, market is not a problem; now, were more concerned would, your product quality is good, if you can't let people like, pin out really it's not that easy.

now many families have already have available home textile products, how do you convince them to change? you how to give them feel now do not buy on feel any regret? past is selling products, now more is selling feel, sell dream.

consumers for home textile buying needs and standards also changing all. past multi-is simply buying a quilt or bed sheet, now multi-is whole set is bought; past what good-looking, to choose what, now multi-focus on and the home environment overall matching; past multi-is figure material benefit, preferred low-end products, now even less wealthy people will in order to catch up with fashion and trend, reluctantly buy more expensive high-end products, so as not to outdated; past multi-is wedding, move new house, only can seriously new or replacement of home textile products, now to improve the quality of life and taste, usual shopping see their favorite will readily buy home.

when once world computer boss ibm transformation, its from global many operation master in, eventually selected is computer illiterate gerstner, it is precisely this complete layman, and drop ibm from hardware trap save, focus on providing computer technology solutions, also china create the elephant re-dancing miracle.

when hp walk same cross road of, led hp out of the new general manager, same is a complete layman, the general manager of the most important work is to go to employees, with each employee heart exchange, research, brainstorming, find out policy, it is this very modest modesty and common learning, only led hp zhong sheng soar road.

is a poorly kept secret, is alibaba ceo jack ma has turned out to be a english teacher, was a computer software complete layman's people, the computer capacity and average person is no different, is on the internet, see information, send email, but did not prevent alibaba become it industry jurgens.

matt textile somewhere dealers original is do motorcycle maintenance business, he very clear marketing pareto law, know probably profits, are from old customers, more aware good reputation of importance. a transition to high-end textile business, his strategy is simple, is in high-end residential open stores, do membership marketing, maintenance good every customer, provide customers with suitable for their own home environment of textile solutions, do customer heart, whether to pay attention, customer is can feel that. now, he from one shop started, in just one year, behind the multi-three shop.

good dream to textile somewhere have a very special dealer, he only buy, not retail, without shop, just a warehouse. he set up shop cost, save, use the with local mammies people drink tea and chat on, to catch information, the relations, local government and will organize what activities, a local enterprises what is celebrations, he all knowin advance, and through his connections resources pre-find policymakers, through the joints, direct transfer on it, it is through such operation technique, he and sales have gone up every year 2 million more.

violet textile somewhere have a original business of operating of dealers, his local prime location opened a large store, its aim is not to sell goods, but buying customers, when customers to store ornamental, purchasing guide will serves a range of small gifts, and, requires customers to leave your name and contact information, and then, he regularly in cabaret held a tea party and new appreciation will take these people called, friends first, after doing business, through this business approach, he led the process of textile marketing into direct wonderland.

so, textile dealers as laymen nothing to worry about, sometimes courage and vision more can be said to be successful necessary conditions. experienced is of course important, more important is to have a concept of advancing. layman do textile business, where grasp social development-, still can successfully running a textile shop.

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( Editor:cross-border textile network )