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others amazon spike can single burst, why you always "accompany "?


season soon, believe amazon sellers friends for their products declared spike activities.

don't know sellers have no such feeling, today amazon spike seems like "chicken ribs", front two-year spike and some.

now participate in spike, more holding a kind of drawing one, often is 150 dollars of spike fee bungled go in, the final spike sales may not be as usual, sometimes even zero single.

this let seller is very upset, why others spike can be realized overnight explosion of single, product ranking rapid rise, and own spike always been "accompany "?

actually decision spike effect of many factors, in spike of product itself and ranking, spike price, spike time period, last spike completion rate, spike preparation work and spike process in human intervention etc, determine a spike last effect.

today chen zi on and have a talk with you, attend a spike, what to do, to get out "accompany" fate.

01, choose suitable products to participate in spike

choose the right products is in spike of first step, products did not choose good, behind do more efforts in vain.

how to determine suitability of products for spike? in addition to reference product usual sales and ranking, can also reference competitors spike.

investigate competitors of spike, can avoid because your conjecture make bad judgment.

if a competitor spike before bsr ranking unchanged, so are important considerations is it necessary to attend this time spike the (of course your spike is to clear inventory except ).

investigate competitors spike steps:

1) for product of core keywords to search, in the search results, with limited time deals identification of similar products;

2) in amazon deals page, view and own similar products.

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( Editor:seller growth college )