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foreign trade people must know of 13 kinds of authentication!


 foreign trade people must know of 13 kinds of authentication!

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1, ce

ce (conformite europeenne), ce mark is a safety certification mark, considered manufacturers open and to enter the european market. anyone with a ce logo products can be in europe domestic sales, from compliance with each request of member states, thus realizing the goods in eu member states within the free circulation.

in the eu market, ce mark belongs to compulsory certification, whether the eu internal enterprise products, or products in other countries to the free circulation in the eu market, must be affixed ce mark, to show that products comply with the eu "of european harmonized standards essential requirements of the directives, this is eu laws on the proposed a new product mandatory requirement.

the following products need ce marking:

◆ electrical products

◆ mechanical products

◆ toy products

◆ radio and telecommunications terminal equipment

◆ refrigerated, frozen equipment

◆ personal protection equipment

◆ simple pressure vessels

◆ hot water boiler

◆ pressure equipment

◆ pleasure boat

◆ building products

◆ in vitro diagnostic medical devices

◆ implantable medical devices

◆ medical electrical equipment

◆ lifting equipment

◆ gas equipment

◆ non-automatic weighing instrument

note: american, canada, japan, singapore, south korea and other not accept ce symbol.


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