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american brand new gauge what sellers what impact, how to avoid?


american trademark new regulations since august 3 has past more than two months, but recently there are still many sellers to hugo network said, they never did figure out the regulations on their impact on. in fact, on cross-border e-commerce sellers, target market of any policy changes are important, especially during peak season, some policy adjustments on the seller's operation will cause great impact on. so, this american trademark new regulations on chinese sellers exactly what impact? sellers in apply for overseas trademark, how to avoid stepping on "ray "? this we invite to deep overseas intellectual property service years of km intellectual property general manager wang mingsheng for everyone to do in-depth resolve! the new regulations us trademark registration difficulty extra-large, significant cost inflation american patent and trademark office (uspto) released trademark new regulations: from august 3, all non-american registered trademark applicant, registrant and trademark trial and appeal board proceedings of the parties must commissioned a get in beauty practice license lawyer representative on behalf of processing. it is understood, this provision applies to all trademark applicant, holder and its permanent legal residence or principal place of business in american overseas clients of. in addition, in whose behalf a uspto trademark matters before, behalf of their holding american licensed attorney have to prove them the law firm reputation good active members, and provide the law firm membership information. in this regard, wang mingsheng said, america's office move, one hand, respect to more foreign applicants violation american trademark law and relevant provisions, submit false even fraudulently applications. for maintenance trademark registration system of accurate and authenticity, america's office must to take measures to stop. on the other hand, non-american, especially for chinese cross-border sellers, future registered american trademark approval will be more and more strict, the difficulty is also extra-large; because have to hire american bar, its trademark registration costs will also greatly enhance; for service providers, both challenges and opportunities, agency cost increase, is to enhance team professional degree, achieve transformation an opportunity. application for trademark, choose the professional service suppliers particularly important hugo network learned, many sellers in first time applying for trademark, mostly in more confused state, don't know to do what preparation, need to pay attention to, what kind of problems. to this end, wangming sheng gives three suggestions: slip-in select agency when, should avoid only care about low prices than disregard professional and service quality; two to avoid only standard registered, suggestions on some of the areas covered and categories complete protection and registration; three remember trademark design should try to be brief and easy to remember, symbolic strong, and be sure to apply for front commissioned professional institutions for retrieval, to troubleshoot risk. wang mingsheng sermon, if seller can find a professional trademark registered agent service for its service, on chinese sellers has great significance. deals agency services usually seller registration trademark first step, so that's particularly key. in his view, through quality, professional agency services for trademark registration, for sellers bring the following three advantages: 1, professional. service providers based on the master of trademark review standard, and practice experience, on registration behavior reasonable prediction and judgment. especially in late all kinds official palindrome, quickly and effectively and help sellers that judgement, with the right opinion. 2, efficient. through service providers registered, massive saving in time. while service providers use their professional degree can avoid seller trademark "detours ", reduce some unnecessary such a misery. 3, risk. through service providers registered trademark, can effectively reduce registered risk, improve pass rate, to an early trademark rights. for how to determine whether high quality professional service providers? wang mingsheng lists the four main measures: 1. have in state intellectual property office registration; 2. with years of trademark industry experience of professional team; 3. have customer first, high quality, efficient service team; 4. determined to trademark and intellectual property industries deep, with craftsman spirit. therefore, to effectively improve registered overseas trademark, especially american trademark successful efficiency, recommended sellers must choose experienced ip firms, can say choose professional, high quality of agency services is registered trademark in the united states most fast and efficient way. to km intellectual property as an example, in registered trademark in the united states, in view of american trademark use of the first principles, and km has always insisted on from a professional perspective, assist customer collection, screening, trademark use evidence, combined with years of registered experience correct assessment and ensure trademark registration accuracy, this will not only reduce trademark registration process in detours, and effective protection of the trademark registration success rate. finally, wangming sheng said, in seller logo after registration, also should pay attention to the following aspects of the problem: first, trademark in use process, sellers must standard use, advocacy promotion, goods packaging, labeling and other, must with the registration; secondly, seller to develop save use evidence of good habits; again, for trademarks complete protection, such as take multi-category, defensive registration; finally, seller should always pay attention to competing products company of movements.

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