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[case analysis] why these two products sell so successful?


what a product hot up for a reason, any product out single bad is for a reason!

 [case analysis] why these two products sell so successful?

(image: 123rf.com.cn

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every product has the popular reasons, each product also has can't lay behind, we need to do is find reason, and then make programme


recently, with several sellers chat with friends, and then research the several products the popular reasons, also with learning a lot of things. (this is actually product selection ideas of a, also in my previous post mentioned in this method, but, today is to explain in detail !)

so, since there are so many discovery and knowledge, of course want to share together, to our dear readers! any one product hot up for a reason, any product out single bad is for a reason!

any hot/hot products, sell people more, natural assigned to your haven't had much, not hot/popular products is also have their own market, market might be small, is always a market, or to be find greater market!

so, we looking for hot products while, also to catch some can use-to point, maybe these available point, will help you become the next explosion models!

this is my early do shop when the conventional procedure!

now we start for some products to carry out specific analysis, after all deter sham bashi! and i will also targeted given you some products, suggest you to do, believe use my way, will help you achieve some explosion models, after all i own is with these method!

products a: outdoor camping survival gear compass bracelet

shelf time: 2018-06-27

commodity price (price + shipping): $3 (2 + 1)

transport time: 26-45 days

total purchase number: 50000 +

front 7 days view now average: 52.30

front 7 days view now increase: -22%

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