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shock! amazon adjusting claims policy, 48 hours response direct refunds?


we are on amazon store transaction security seller reply policy make two modifications, for buyers provide positive and timely single after experience.

reminder: you are responsible for back in 48 hours buyers message and return request.

change content:

if buyers claim, but you do not reply, we will approve claims, and from your account debit.

in buyers claim, we no longer ask you" reply amazon ". our team will use you and buyers before provided information reviewed, and then a decision.

to help you avoid any potential or unnecessary amazon store transaction security claims, we will continue to ensure that buyers are eligible for amazon store transaction security solution before 48 hours contact you or submit a return request.

if you claim controversial, we still allows you to 30 calendar days to file complaints and provide new information so that we survey.

you can in management returns page find all buyers return request, can also in buyers and sellers messaging service in find all buyers contact information.

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