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cross-border e-commerce of prospect and prospect


cross-border e-commerce as a new foreign trade way, has always been our country government's vigorously support. in recent years, with a series of supportive policies and china's electricity supplier operations improvement of the environment, china's cross-border electricity supplier has great development potential.

first, cross-border-electronic-commerce platform upgrade, from the traditional information platform to trading platform upgrade. because e-commerce and foreign trade combination, electric business platform can accumulate a large number of the authenticity and transaction data, to foreign trade enterprise can substantially reducing trade risk and establishing global network trading credit system. meanwhile business platform after upgrade, cross-border e-commerce in a traditional based on providing a wide range of services, for example financial and logistics support services.

secondly, cross-border e-commerce can, of global buy the world, sell global ".

with the development of cross-border e-commerce, some under asymmetric information profitable middle enterprises will gradually eliminated by the market, production enterprises can be completely full consumer and market information, and accordingly realize customization, flexible production supply, and with global e-commerce platform good mesh production, service coordination development ecology.

finally, in internet era global cross-border e-commerce development, can promote new international trade pattern formation. now, the global scope of cross-border e-commerce retail has become an important part of international trade, therefore only new trade system, rules, in order to better adapt to the internet economy based on cross-border e-commerce era of rapid development of trend.

in my opinion, china should advance with the times, continue to encourage cross-border e-commerce development, give full play to china's manufacturing industry power advantage, expanding foreign trade marketing channels, reasonably stimulate imports and encourage domestic consumption growth, to meet people's ever-increasing needs for a better life, accelerate the promotion of china's foreign trade transformation and upgrading, towards trade power of direction.

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( Editor:financial management paper )