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amazon review impossible cover delete? how to keep hard-won review?


many amazon sellers will find yourself comments without warning, from listing in thin air disappear.

amazon to the quote position is firm, and deleted, shielding the many sellers' comments.

this paper will with you understand the reason for this, and how to protect yourself comments from amazon deleted.

precise details may be hard to find. do not come from amazon's official information, you need to sellers community seek delete or block product reviews account.

so far, have 3 common situation:

· product could not be comment.

· reviewed limited.

· amazon completely remove comments.

first, clients to your listing, found they don't allow comment. sellers receive no notifications, you usually only in customer contact you when until this.

in most cases, limit published evaluation for a short time, and will soon lifted. it may also only on unauthenticated evaluation a barrier to.

evaluation limited may use daily limit of form. if you gain commentary, amazon sometimes limit you day can receive how many comments.

this usually daily about 3-5 article comments. this can only be used for unauthenticated comments, and are in most cases temporary.

even, amazon can also be completely delete comments. even if you never adopted black technology, may also be amazon delete evaluation, this for sellers is very vexed things.

next is find out why, so you can protect their accounts and all hard-won products comments.


if your listing encountered any of these questions, you want to know why. but amazon for details to take security measures to avoid sellers loophole. it is difficult to get a clear

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