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amazon uae site multiple shop association, shenzhen sellers network selling battery in beauty arrested


vietnam local e-commerce platform sendo c round of financing

recently, vietnam local e-commerce platform sendo recently announced the completion of the 61 million c round of financing, investors including indonesia fund ev growth, thailand kaitai bank kasikornbank, japanese-style group sbi group, softbank asia.

it is reported that sendo was established in 2012, is vietnam large it service enterprise fpt company of members, is vietnam top four business platform, main do c2c mode, currently platform gmv has exceeded 1 billion dollars.

it is understood, sendo main rival including southeast asia as a whole of market share for shopee and lazada, other than sendo earlier established local e-commerce platform tiki. sendo and tiki considered neck-and-neck. 2018, sendo complete b round of financing and raised 51 million dollars. same year, tiki introduced 50 million c round of financing, the investor is jd platform.

based on iprice insights released vietnam electricity supplier 2019 third quarter report, sendo in desktop and mobile terminal electricity supplier website traffic are second, average monthly 30.9 million visits.

amazon uae site multiple shop associated

recently, amazon uae site multiple shop correlation incident, caused many sellers of puzzled and concerns.

it is reported that since april this year souq uae station switch amazon since, shop correlation phenomena never tried such a large scale. account no-connection after listing shelf, goods to send warehouse, even directly blocked account, seriously affected sellers normal operation plan. this time shop associated events, also let sellers caught off guard. for the shop association storm, middle east station of the investment manager also said was possible system for failure associated with the error.

shenzhen sellers amazon selling fake battery fbi arrest

recently, justice department recently announced, captured a sales fake laptop battery of chinese men's, involving up to 23.8 million dollars!

people involved in los angeles for name for cai zou lin (zoulin cai transliteration ), english name allen cai, is "shenzhen theseus technology co ., ltd "employees, allegedly after he has applied to the american justice account of the company all employees involved personal information.

it is understood, this company by cai zou lin relatives business, manufacturing fake laptop lithium battery, real ones posing as big brand products, blatant rigor to apple) dell, hp and toshiba) companies such as counterfeit trademark, and certification safety for electronic product of ul company counterfeit certification mark, and through amazon, ebay and other platform sales. cai zou forests of the responsible for in american warehouse related operation. possible because low price, products kept selling, was later apple, dell, hewlett-packard and toshiba and other large brand found, and reported to the fbi. currently he under federal various criminal charges if all charges, he faces up to 50 years in prison prison.

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