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foreign trade actual combat: near the end of the year, goods production well, customers don't want to have money? [with english assists mail]


for amazon sellers, a good product picture is certain is to accurately expression products, try to cover multi-point of the product information, can stimulate the client understands, while causing their purchase desire. so what kind of picture can attract buyers?

perfect product picture should be what kind?

● boasts impressive product image

● lifestyle and graphic design picture perfect combination of

● can described absorbing products story

● will audience demand and prominent product advantages match

a, on amazon main map optimize, to improve click-through rate

product picture of lighting

the first point, product picture of light must be perfect. if you don't know lighting and how to own product photography, that will be a real challenge! this is indeed an art, not only require special lighting fixtures, also need about how to properly set of knowledge and in cooperation with use of camera settings. if you want to hire a photographer, need to ensure their portfolio in products have good lighting effects. therefore, in for amazon product hire photographer before, please check their product images quality.

split tests-improve ctr and listing visits

test main map is you can run best separation test, because it to obtain more clicks for my girl, and it doesn't like change title as interference keyword index or ranking.

two, product images should be lifestyle and graphic design photos of perfect combination

amazon products photo album of 3 categories

(1) studio shoot refers only to white wall product shooting;

(2) lifestyle refers to display products in use scenario;

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