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burned than australia wildfires also prosperous! 2020 overseas sales tax "a fire" on fire sellers backyard


sales tax every one percentage point increase, interested buyers will reduce about 2%." with january 1 wish collection american five states internet sales tax (internet sales tax) date of the official arrival, triggered talk.

tax compliance wantonly approximation era, wish platform approach is not isolated cases. pioneers of amazon, ebay has set an example, continued american is now forty multi-states batches join internet sales tax collection squad. american state legal compulsion request, first amazon after ebay, wish to join. however cross-border e-commerce development later, internet sales tax "the fire" could borrow american of ignition points momentum, burn more states, more multi-platform even southeast asia, latin america and other emerging countries?

the answer, maybe is yes.

tax sound reform catching fire, online "tax avoidance" going unpunished and

2017, university graduation of jack self-made opened amazon shop, a year later he expanded into ebay, wish.

the full swing, online" duty free "of time has gone, and internet sales tax of that 'fire' from amazon mainstream site outward spread, slowly transferred to ebay and wish." 2020, recall that high-spirited age, jack is very mixed feelings.

in fact, expropriation internet sales tax trigger for american court issued a ruling. june 2018, american court has issued a internet sales tax ruling, formal impact the online "tax havens ". ruling: "whether sellers physical location where, if sellers to in part interstate buyers sells items, these states would likely require seller for its transactions applicable sales tax." on cross-border e-commerce sellers, even in china, once to a us applicable sales tax levy interstate buyers sales commodity, these states will be eligible for your cross-border e-commerce online retail transactions percentage charged of taxes.

" gun fight bird, in recent years, the government of the states from amazon orders levied from the billions of dollars of tax, applicable state number gradually increased. slowly, this way also name 'previously tax bill is not perfect' name, to any legal restrictions expropriation logical stages, in batches to other cross-border e-commerce platform spread." jack said.

" warm boiled frog "may be overseas countries tax manipulation

whether amazon seller, ebay seller or wish sellers, for cross-border e-commerce development early tax exemption preferential have left impressed. -cross-border e-commerce explosive development of these years, "tax" this keyword but to the seller cross-border trading brings a disruptive change.

after all, in cross-border e-commerce wild times ", engaged in platform online retail transactions sellers basically only liable for product manufacturing cost, logistics costs and platform commission. and beginning around 2017, vat, internet sales tax, gst goods and services tax, income tax, inventory tax (inventory tax), use tax (use tax, customs and other tax has issued and implemented, commodity ban sell, removal prohibited overseas warehouse fba inventory, freezing account funds, title ...... to sellers "kill" a caught off guard.

" vat of evolution is seller accept tax compliance best practice. early years, sellers of uk vat, german vat of reaction is very large, sellers this hot degree also high. these years you look back, almost all sellers and platforms has

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