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how to inquiry successful transformation into orders?


each enquiries behind, hides a invisible order , our work is how these invisible order as possible multi-excavated, might be a small list, may also be of magnitude large order, how to distinguish, how to mining, all by we do business experience operation.

some say reply to enquiries is not difficult, not is reply, who wouldn't? of course, the simple reply who will, but your reply will not be customers look into heart, this is you order conversion success or failure of the key, how reply customer inquiry is a very fussy, a good inquiry reply mail can greatly improve order of conversion rate, today we with again tell reply to enquiries several techniques, power everyone win customer orders.

reply to enquiries several key points:

a, timeliness must master

to do foreign trade of, inevitable will have different degree of time difference, we receive customers' enquiries time point is diverse, some may be work time to inquiry, some may we're closed, even we fell asleep to inquiry is also very possible, so how to master reply time is we first to master skills.

in general we reply customers' enquiries must be timely, timely concept is you see mail first time need to consider good part, do first a early reply, even if you just say hello, also to does, customer will not wait for you too long, wait ten minutes still relatively normal, wait an hour and barely ok, and half-day and on room for, if he wait a day, you mail write again good he is less interest in look at.

general customer enquiries must be asking all these questions, we can be tailored to customer problems reply, not reply problems can put aside, first can reply problems singled out reply, remaining issues tell customers what time to reply he, give him a can track messages exact information.

second, difference customer attributes

different customers view product point is different, different countries geographical customer on products have own fancy point, we need to according to the customer's property to differentiate between them, analyze customer purpose, according to customer's various reference factors, give customers professional, correct reply-to-email, for example, german customer quality are renowned for value, we need in quality aspects.

and some of our other clients, such as european , american customers the quality requirements and standards are more stringent, for price tolerance relatively high, but very hates to bargain, we face these customers, in quote in certain careful, no more than market price too much; and india , pakistan this kind customer for quality requirements for a little time, but more price conscious, so we to leave enough profit space ready for and customer multi-times communication counter-offer.

three, grasp a correct and responding to the principle

reply to enquiries of several main key points, a is theme must be clear, like "so-and-so products quotation" such a title can use up; and message body contents need to be clear, concise, organized, preferably by customers' enquiries problems and respond to that, must not outright; for descriptions of the product must for professional can't seems plausible.

finish these, last two step is polite words and contact, polite language is designed to give you the mail plus, contact is to facilitate customer contact you.

four good customer maintenance work

end messages later not be fine again, want really into order, also irregular tracking, even if customer temporarily no reply, also can not regularly send new products to customers browse, since customers of product is and related to you, there's always a chance with customers to establish trade relations, need is persevere efforts.

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