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2020 amazon novice seller how to obtain review


2020, believe everyone to prepare into amazon, will encounter a same problem.

now amazon platform increasingly competitive, platform rules more strict, black technology also not easy, cost also start becomes high, i now settled, too late?

in fact, this problem, different people, different views! blindly say good do, or is not easy to do, i think are answer too sure.

in my opinion, is now do yamaxun, still a chance!

can facie 2019 american major online platform share of company platform

 2020 amazon novice seller how to obtain review

amazon share for 47%, others are all without its fraction, visible its market monopoly.

2019 will account for 47.0% of its total sales, its e-commerce business will grow 20.4%, 282.52 billion dollars, amazon now occupied the whole of american retail 5.1% of the market.

in the latest a 2019 world top 10 most valuable brands list in, amazon, apple and google ranked the top three, amazon to 315.5 billion-dollar brand value ranked first.

 2020 amazon novice seller how to obtain review

from objective market, amazon's scale not only in the forefront of the world, and not stop trend.

but in 2019, many prepared to approach sellers observed amazon for review of policy non-stop, on false trading penalties for growing, worry at this time admission cannot brush single evaluation accumulation sales, get review.

in fact can observe this, on policy of sensitive degree to had exceeded many novice sellers. but we made a mistake, think scalping when necessary, do not brush single new store paved cannot operations.

this is not the case, below take you

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