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foreign trade veteran is how to improve customer enquiries of conversion rate?


as a many years of foreign trade salesman , can through enquiries to order transaction, always is our pursuit of the ultimate goal. but in inquiry this link, we often encounter multi-a problem, today, we say something about how to better and more accurate reply customer inquiry of dry cargo, hope can for all foreign trade work to the man who help.

first to do foreign trade, if your product in network logic out of your promoting or have development some intention client, then you certainly will receive some inquiry message, if you reply method and languages properly may every day wasting these transaction opportunity. to customer reply after customer not talk to you if situation in foreign trade business inside was another recurrent, then lead to such happen because?

about foreign trade customers' enquiries you not find a method to carry out effective reply, might be the underlying or one of the important reasons.

a, the right call

call belongs to etiquette, etiquette refers to emphasize "ke zun" principle.

1, whether guests first give hair mail or inquiry or follow-up, customer call you dear a ", your reply also when corresponding for" dear b ". if you respond to customer "hi a", can let a person feel muddled. and so on, as guests mail "hi a ", your reply also when corresponding for" hi b ". other, similarly. like previous primary school learning of "how do you do ?" also going back to "how do you do".

2, customer mail call you dear mr. surnamed ", you reply customer also when is" dear mr. surnamed ". if you reply customer "dear mr. last name" or "dear name, not specification (normative is correspondence); if you reply "dear mr. name, that's what's wrong, because non-this expression (i know many friends have this unconscious)

second, detailed and accurate product description

1, customer inquiry,, explicitly asked you offer, clear asked you to provide a product parameters, reference pictures, price, related terms and. your reply, should be all has to offer; cannot provide didn't relationship, but you say, why not offer and when can provided. generally, only quote , even with product parameters not all-around not to mention with suggested pictures or relevant provisions of.

to know, for most industries, a specific price, is must to corresponding specific forms of products (reference image ), and particular specifications product (product parameters ), and quotes based on trading conditions, payment conditions (relevant provisions ), and may also include safety and authentication .

you less what, can say past? get my clients to guess? i tell you, the most customers, customers will not guess, also not repeat ask you, you "leak", will last only as long as you "unprofessional" and ignore you. customers have more and better choices, from than you "professional some" walk.

now not "price" of the era, price important, quality important, service are important too. you forgetful, customers have reason to believe you not in your company internal message at order information also forgetful? don't say your forgetful is not respect for customers.

2, customer mail, the five-point to you answer problem. you answer the three-point, end. cough! guests that corner for, and whether you this three-point answer quality, why two other points not reply, don't explain why not reply less account when can reply. if you are a guest, excuse me: what do you think?

3, and on similar, customer mail, three points need you to identify matters, you identify the two of them in silent other. if is emergency confirmation, the consequences could be serious.

foreign trade business is a challenging and fun, work, daily analysis enquiries, reply, follow up, this is a duplicate, long process, perseverance, in treat inquiry this, as long as grasp the correct method, will have "multiplier" effect.

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( Editor:traces foreign trade of career )