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india platform paytm mall will settled middle east, has an ebay seller account sales is cleared


tact hand qingdao bonded logistics center northeast asia to build logistics hub

electric commercial daily news: yuantong express and new west coast of qingdao bonded logistics center august 20 signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, under the agreement, both sides will introduce cross-border e-commerce, build customs union and radiation northeast asia logistics hub.

this cooperation, the two sides will use of storage, trunk, customs, distribution strengths common stronger "korea sea express" and other characteristics route products and warehouse dry off with and full-link products.

facebook released new tools: user-clear external browser history

tencent securities news: facebook released a tool, give users facebook in its platform collected outside of online activities relevant information. this new tool displays have those third-party websites with facebook to share the user access information, and allows users to own browsing history with facebook account disconnect link. users can also choose not to facebook track them later on other sites online activities.

british fashion brand allsaints landing jingdong, official flagship store on-line today

36 krypton message: london fashion brand allsaints, in august 22 in jingdong formally launched official flagship store, synchronization for chinese consumers to bring 2019 brand new. this is the second in may paul smith in jingdong opened china's first official authorized flagship store since, settled jingdong another british-style fashion brands. 1994, allsaints branded born in england, with motorcycle jacket with leather goods known.

envious shein and jollychic, india platform paytm mall also to settled middle east the

hugo network news: foreign media reports, in get ebay investment after, paytm mall plan will in middle east launched its platform.

according to rudra dalmia, paytm is seeking in middle east business, and passing a with ebay's cooperation to test middle east market. according to industry reports, ebay has been helping paytm in middle east products services.

for like shein and jollychic chinese cross-border e-commerce enterprises, middle east has been a lucrative market, two companies and other company in the middle east of the performance very good.

google new deal: retailers do not provide product upi to meet advertising qualification

hugo network message: google recently announced, will no longer ask retailers products upi to meet shopping advertising qualification.

google policy reversal means retailers can now use google shopping advertising their products, without distribution gtin (global trade item code) or mpn (manufacturing party number ), although now contains identifier might be more important.

it is reported that in the past, google is not approved merchant center in no gtin any product on-line sales.

has an ebay seller account sales is cleared! you caught it?

hugo network news: recently, many ebay sellers suddenly find yourself account amount to zero. according to seller to hugo network broke the news that, receive ebay official notice said, platform recently carried out false overseas warehouse special action, for more on a batch of false overseas warehouse account implemented amount cleared of strict punishment. in addition, ebay also will be carried out in succession a dozen similar special action, resolutely eliminate regional market in various categories, the price segment fake over warehouse. same time, second half will introduce more overseas warehouse service standard, will of the seller's outbound records, lanshou, tracking, real aging and stricter standards.

it is understood that ebay official also today (august 22) officially released the notice.

lazada tech companies synagie for brand shop provide management, marketing, operations and other full service

hugo network news: according to foreign media reports, lazada with singaporean local e-business programme supplier synagie together, for sellers of brand shop provide management services.

august 20, synagie wholly owned subsidiary btfl with lazada signed a memorandum of understanding (mou ), synagie will become lazada's regional partners, and for specified brand shop provide including management, marketing and operations services. it is understood, brand shop is an enterprise in lazada platform on business of online channels.

jumia q2 earnings: net loss of 0.114 billion euros, revenue only 39.2 million euros

hugo network message: jumia in august 21 announced its second quarter of 2019 financial results. reported, jumia second quarter revenues of approximately 39.2 million euros, in the prior year period 24.8 million euros 58.3%, net loss of about 0.114 billion euros, same period last year is about 67.8 million euros.

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( Editor:hugo net )