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traditional foreign trade and cross-border e-commerce each have what advantages and disadvantages?


traditional foreign trade advantage: traditional foreign trade advantages and disadvantages

from development to now, has long been national finance one of the main sources, after years of sedimentation, already with a large number of professional foreign trade personnel and plant, various industries in global market in expand very broad.

traditional foreign trade disadvantages:

1, product itself-main part of foreign trade product or concentrated in the middle and low times.

2, cost-local rising labor costs, and southeast asia, india and other places because labor costs reasons for chinese-made cause great pressure.

3, brand-in product brand building, promotion and inadequate, oem is many factory mainstream, as these years global economic downturn, factory orders very low margin.

cross-border e-commerce advantage:

1 and trade areas, global cross-border trade e-commerce resolve the traditional international trade of geographical factors limit, the cross-border e-commerce, makes enterprises directly face global consumers. traditional foreign trade mode, chinese goods to overseas hands of consumers, at least to cross 5 channels: domestic factory-domestic traders-destination importers-destination distributors-destination retailer. through cross-border online shopping platform, supply chain greatly shorten, domestic businesses can directly face overseas consumers, domestic consumers can directly face overseas businesses.

2, information exchange of real-time in cross-border trade e-commerce, trade both sides can instant information exchange, regardless of actual space-time distance, one party sends information and other party accepts information almost as your colleagues, single, payment all in a snap.

3, trade channel convenience cross-border trade e-commerce eliminating the traditional cross-border trade of many intermediate link, reduces engage in cross-border trade of threshold, make international trade become a streamlined, transparent, while saving transaction cost, shorten the operation cycle, for broad medium and provides direct-to-foreign sellers of marketing channels. in recent years, based on engaged in large amount of trade traditional trade company in international procurement in declining, and, replaced by small and medium-sized wholesale, retailers and even consumers individuals.

4, cross-border retail network platform provide professional communication, trading, settlement, payment, logistics and service function instead of the traditional free trade trade trade, finance, foreign language and other professional personnel role, the past, complex, professional

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