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do present, look to the future! cross-border e-commerce development trend


cross-border e-commerce old driver are know, each cross-border e-commerce platform of policy are constant change and perfect in through, that our buyers to do is constantly to adjust follow good platform of policy and market changes to go more long time for a. for chinese sellers, future of the cross-border e-commerce development trend, sure as the market, social development, new technology and other changes and change, we can't predict to long-term future, future years, cross-border small make up bold prediction cross-border e-commerce in the following tendencies and encourage one another.

one, strengthen brand construction

cross-border e-commerce is for the international market demand to do brand, for example, from amazon the reform of the past few years in we can see, for brand filing of cross-border sellers for has more advantages and product exposure opportunities. strengthen brand allows a seller of a product or a category of products get platform recognition, can better the propaganda. to make products to market prominent effect, so brand is cross-border sellers biggest weapon, the in cross-border e-commerce for development of the biggest opportunities.

cross-border small advice cross-border small sellers can small first brand started, and built his own brand strategy, next is to large brand direction.

second, intellectual property protection consciousness of

in overseas market, intellectual property from simple to are: trademark, copyright, patent this three major. for cross-border sellers, trademark is a most junior field. for example, now amazon, aliexpress, ebay, wish and many other platform are gradually strengthen and improve product and brand property rights protection.

like amazon, although not clearly labeled you must brand settled, but for product protection consciousness is very strong, if seller selling counterfeit infringing products caught, serious may direct title. and relative aliexpress platform, require that requiring sellers must brand settled, the barrier to entry is trademark. thus cross-border e-commerce protection future trends promoted certain.

three, focused flat fine differentiation

now, pan-category grocery products future development into downhill trend, and vertical segments category's products bracing for development new opportunities. many cross-border sell think focus in fractionize category, product development, to better establish competitive barriers, in addition, cross-border e-commerce platform in future success may change now as hodgepodge category market, the category for fine differentiation, do subdivision platform.

four, logistics and after-sales service convenient

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( Editor:cross-border know )