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week cross-border big event to sell and what impact?


the following for this week cross-border e-commerce highlights finishing:

01: " korean-style amazon " china merchants the

recently, korean-style business platform coupang first china large-scale official merchant.

founded in 2010 of coupang is south korea's largest b2c business platform, cut-off to 2018, the platform of registered members more than 25 million, nikkatsu mobile user number has more than 3.5 million, is south korea's second-largest platform of the three times, its 2018 annual growth rate close to 70%, is korean-style e-commerce market average rate of 3 times.

coupang is a provide self-delivery platform, in through self-e-commerce, self storage logistics distribution and subscription membership model, accumulation of a large number of consumers after coupang began gradually to third-party sellers open.

for example, from last october, coupang launched global seller project, target global sellers. according to coupang key account manager steven said coupang chose at this time officially entered china merchants, because aware chinese sellers vast potential-rich products and preferential prices. "so based on has in korean-style accumulation decade experience, with korean-style local consumers and platform development needs of."

according to reports, south korea's overall high level of consumption, 2018 korean-style per capita annual income has exceeded 30 thousand dollars. so, coupang positioning in high quality products more in line with korean-style consumption portrait. and thus can predict, access the platform chinese sellers, its high customer price product also can have more sales profit opportunities and space.

02: india government will open to self business platform

commerce ministry is planning to public open its three-year of online trading platform gem. foreign media pointed out, if the platform formally launched or with walmart)'s flipkart and amazon and other online market direct competition.

it is understood, this three-year-business platform gem temporarily only open to indian agencies or public sector for buy products. and this government open to the public, it is to hope the service extension into a mature b2c platform. india's government will gem transformation for b2c business platform of process into three phases: during the first phase, it will allow of a government contract of private enterprises shopping; the second stage would allow private company in the platform purchasing products; the final phase will allow individual buyers in platform shopping.

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