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mid autumn festival approaching! foreign trade people of moon cake not trying to with can take!


will come mid-autumn, many outbound passengers are going to take a year-over-year growth in chinese moon cake; and some travelers, want from hong kong, macao and taiwan regions to family with some moon cakes do "souvenir ". little imagine, moon cake and not want to with can take.

 image title

customs eyes moon cake only two types-band or can't!

why meat, egg moon cake not free carrying or mailing entry? and?

section moon cake containing meat, eggs composition, exists and carrying, foot-and-mouth disease and other quarantine disease transmission sowing risk. accordance prohibited, mailed animals and plants and their products list, (raw or cooked) meat (including viscera) and its products, egg and its products, aquatic products are prohibited, mailed. however, hong kong, macao and taiwan regions of yolk class moon cake not a ban, can carrying, mailing entry.

exit to other countries, there are restrictions?

for plant and animal epidemic diseases and pest cross-border spread, various countries and regions of entry articles have strict quarantine provisions. mail, carry moon cake and other food preservation exit, should fully understand travel, shipping destination quarantine regulations and requirements, strictly abide by local laws and regulations, avoid carrying, mailing prohibited matter and cause unnecessary trouble.

can show how much mooncakes?

based on the customs act relevant provisions, personal carrying, mailing exit luggage should be self-use, a reasonable number limited, and be subject to supervision and control by the customs. "captive" means passengers for personal use, gift and non-for sale or rent. "reasonable quantity" means the customs according to passenger travel purpose and residence time identified normal number.

moon cake vast array too much, can help draw a key?

publish king you to tidy up market roughly of moon cake cultivars

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