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do foreign trade so that working overtime your performance will survive?


to do foreign trade you, is not often hear these complaints:

" to do foreign trade what overtime. but you refuse to work, order ignore you, performance cannot be finished, have to work overtime bai !"

my friend word for me silly, work overtime every day too late at night, boss without placing overtime ......"

for a time, overtime seems to be the foreign trade salesman normal work, people attempt for more work time to performance up, but were even. so the question is, why has a lot of overtime, or only this performance?

 image title

01, alleged work overtime just stayed with the company fish

many companies of foreign trade salesman take is stocking-management mode, no training system, throw a computer, to a platform account, several times a year exhibition just. salesman not seen other customer development way, do not know where to start, rely on platform of several enquiries and exhibition previous years dozens of potential customers.

potential fewer customers, before do not work overtime is with so few customers. now work overtime, or so several customers, total can't catch customer talk? prospective customers with a few, original work time have not won't talk to her, and now a overtime, not know what to do.

zhang is a foreign trade salesman, company to work overtime every day, but xiao zhang's performance was poor. morning 9 point company work, zhang open computer, take a peek news right now, point a after finished and handy point another, just morning no foreigner customer, 9 point race to the breakfast haven't eaten, while watching eat ...... a careless, a morning passed.

because with customers after talking, mail back finished, so overtime do something? in addition to stare blankly at the computer outside don't know why, stayed with the company of the time is longer, but the actual work time has not changed.

02, overtime but non-business related

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( Editor:foreign trade cattle institute )