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inventory: cross-border e-commerce marketing used words its meaning and calculation formula!


we do network marketing, whether doing offshore google or facebook, or do domestic baidu or wechat promotion, often hear's, roas, cpa, cpc, cpm, cvr, ctr and other professional terms, so these words have what meaning of it, their representatives of related data and what role?

next, topology notes inventory for all cross-border e-commerce marketing used words its meaning and calculation formula, recommendations speakers will this paper collection or copy print out, in each calculation corresponding data will be used oh ~


meaning: return on investment (roi ), advertising sales revenue and advertising cost ratio.

computing:'s = total income/total cost * 100%

2. roas

meaning: return on ad spend (target advertising expenditure return ), measure each group advertising spend how much money is.

computing: roas = total income/advertising spend x 100%

�'s and roas of difference?

in the traditional measure,'s representative is return on investment, calculation of profit and cost relationship. 's higher, profits higher, if's greater than 0, the representation is to make money, if's less than 0, then prove that your ad is losing money. so by roi this computational advertising profit and loss of data indicators, can clearly understand their own profit and.

roas is to measure facebook advertising effectiveness, generally can't directly from roas seen advertising of profit and loss status, just advertising effect of reference. general roas greater than 2 only said advertising is make money.

and for e-commerce advertising from facebook, roi and roas is with a meaning.


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