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trade war shrouded under chinese e-commerce market is still strong, expected this year growth will reach 20%-30%!


tariffs to sino-us trade between the two countries cooperation add many variables, some is moving into chinese market of american brand should be how to deal with risk, that send them what impact? in 23rd day of this month latest round of trade tensions, china announced tariff counter measures as a american response.

us president donald trump announced, requirements american company to immediately look for chinese alternative. but alibaba quarterly data, however, found in trade on enmity with china not wise, at least retail true.

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recent, on china's two largest economies trade friction and side negative message pour. according to cnn and other media reports, sino-us trade friction to global market has brought many problems. its negative influence widespread, but in between the industry is endless and same. american agriculture-a victim, but because extra duty costs has been between currencies offset, consumer goods industry not obvious.

in addition to trade and tariff issues, economy is slowing down. more precisely, chinese economic growth peak has past. according to official statistics, 2019 china's economy would remain strong, growth is expected to reach 6%. in addition, hong kong protesters recently streets, protests from initial against extradition bill has evolved into hong kong government and police dissatisfaction. whether this will destroy retail market?

the answer is no -- mainland china is electronic business main market, rather than hong kong.

to with so many negative news, alibaba report quarterly results greatly confidence was given impetus. its e-commerce quarterly revenue grew 54%, with profits up more than double. chinese e-commerce market is still hot, political and economic friction failed to bring what negative impact.

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from this we can see that:

although chinese economy has not high-speed development stage, but this year economic data still bright eye. despite tariffs, but personal consumption level of growth and exchange rate changes will offset some of the losses.

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( Editor:cross-border know )