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amazon keywords and product development analysis tools recommended -- scope tools


when launched a new product, it's easy to be immersed in sell it and make customer hand excitement in. but once products listed, your mind will from "i should sell this product ?" change to "shall i go on sale this product ?"

measure amazon product release index is in launch products before should start out doing, and launch products after and always have. amazon scope tools can help you to easily complete this task, and provide some valuable metric indicator.

wisely on amazon product release index benchmark

in for the first batch of products "checkout"-before, make sure you have for will be released products do at least several weeks of baseline tests. if is launched an entirely new category, for non-members supplement some information.

for you to track products, you can scope tools on monthly sales and income good estimate. please you early pay attention to these, but also to focus launch of the same product sellers number.

in addition to research products of feasibility, scope tool also can for many important information benchmark, can help you planning to launch product offers and promotions, and over time judgment you launched product success.

scope for amazon product performance index

when your product that has been issued, measure product performance will become you work in more important part. you need to focus on product performance and profitability.

scope tools provide some other metrics, these metrics will show you business more grand view. especially if you're not a product of only seller, scope tools can help you in higher level keep pace with competitor and market pace.

price history

benchmarks and tracking is one of important indicator products historical price. and it will rival is critical, for example if you not getting buy box, price may be main reason.

sales ranking

will history under price and sales ranking compared, can clearly understand consumer behavior. in your product selling ranking decline or increase until price will change? if so, you can see price adjustment how will help you develop pricing strategy.

history number of comments

we all know evaluation on product the success of any important. scope tool provides a good historical perspective, help sellers get product reviews and feedback.

comment moderation

scope tools of comment moderation function also provides a good product history view, and can purchase as time changes on a risk on, to ensure your product in launch process has strong comment moderation function.

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