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textile overseas warehouse construction and upgrading


textile overseas warehouse construction and upgrading as we all know, cross-border logistics is cross-border e-commerce process in a very important part, at present, cross-border e-commerce export logistics mode main has 3 kinds:

express mode, overseas special line and overseas warehouse.

express model is most common and cross-border transport model, but relatively commodity transport cost partial high, especially for a while fighter itself unit price not high, and freight accounted for than large commodity, inhibit the cross-border sales formation

overseas line is a pointer to a specific region or country, cross- environment-line transportation way, but of flows regional limitations, only for high-volume hot line, such as china-eu and china-australia line, to nantong textile cross-border e-commerce most merchants and not applicable ,, and these two on possessing the returned goods difficult, user experience poor

3rd is overseas warehouse mode. that is the goods in advance transported to foreign storage & storage units, by using head cheng transport (general is fee for lower maritime or international multimodal transport) reduce goods transport cost, customer orders directly in local delivery, in addition to transport lower costs and price competitiveness, overseas warehouse mode also there are shipping cycle short, delivery speed and return flexible and convenient advantages, greatly facilitates the customer cross-border shopping experience, so the cross- environment in e-commerce development impetus is self-evident, these significant advantages make overseas warehouse become the industry highly regarded as logistics way. but warehouse front also bring storage cost and inventory risk, enterprise need to predict consumer demand, while overseas warehouse construction, rental and operation needs invested a lot of money and manpower, and not on thematic and discussion e-commerce are applicable of c nantong textile industry to small and medium enterprises mainly, so for most medium and small enterprises to enterprises for single a construction overseas warehouse is difficult to choice of, this also become south through textile cross-border e-commerce development of a bottleneck. nantong home textile industry with ^ • advantages of industrial clusters, use advantages of industrial clusters, by chamber of commerce or government-led region default number discretion willing small and medium businesses, combined to construct beginning step, common burden related costs; or local government establish a special construction funds, in home textile of cross-border e-commerce sales of hot spots and potential area (catch de = 4-band way opportunities), centralizing build or concentrated to some overseas warehouse logistics agency leasing warehouse storage and service (the numerical superiority, also helps to achieve better price), although jue again oriented to the locality of small and medium businesses, and other financial machine cooked government exit.

in established overseas warehouse, can on the connotation of "sea outside warehouse museum customer service information service "upgrade mode d traditional warehouse overseas main play yunnan of the warehouse and logistics send some goods, such as have sell of display and physical experience will more meet consumer psychology, can reduce return rate ^- to on overseas warehouse staff doing to related training, can provide product use guidance, products ordering and other services, very pansy some simple after-sales repair, thus increasing added products value and customer satisfaction, effective docking local market. different countries, different to a's customers needs vary widely, textile enterprises to se meaning market research, provide marketable products, immediately follows. local popular trend. release of overseas warehouse also can use their own advantages, play information collection of forward position role, provide enterprises with information service service, also can help enterprises to improve brand awareness, expand market therefore overseas warehouse function upgrade to promote enterprise cross-border the development of the electricity supplier is important, so that it has "overseas warehouse museum customer service information service expansion "of multi-function, make enterprise and unitary outside market of a lin to connection point

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