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[important notice] return guarantee planning to open 3c category


hugo network was informed that, recently aliexpress release worry-free return guarantee plan related announcement, specific subsolar:

distinguished seller:

august 16, 2019, aliexpress return guarantee plan will open phones & telecommunication (excluding mobile phones), consumer electronics and computer & office three category ("3c headings "). by then, worry-free return guarantee scheme would cover the signing of the project agreement sellers sell 3c category of goods, and consequential service costs.

if you have participation worry-free return security schemes, after august 16, 2019, worry-free return guarantee plan will cover you sell belongs to 3c class of goods, you without re-signing. if you want to exit worry-free return security schemes, you should in august 16, 2019 front operation exit: you-in seller central operation (exit action path: trade> worry-free return guarantee plan> services> more> exit worry-free security schemes ). please note that worry-free return security initiative support part category of goods exit, if you operation exit, all project goods are will exit worry-free return guarantee package.

if not yet participation worry-free return security schemes, you can immediately by transaction>> logistics service>> worry-free return guarantee scheme" click the signing of the project agreement ( https://sellerjoin.aliexpress.com/sign/easyreturn.htm ), enjoy worry-free return guarantee package.

worry-free return security schemes more detailed information, please find out: https://sell.aliexpress.com/zh/__pc/free_return_notice.htm

if you have any comments and suggestions, welcome you by xiaohe online feedback.

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