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see also a mail fraud, seller friend need to be cautious


for fast get flow or improve store exposure, may some cross-border e-commerce sellers will risking platform banned risk, through some non-normal means achieve purpose. but these after all is illegal operations, sellers become somewhat guilty.

and recently, many criminals, taken advantage of by the sellers this mentality, seize every opportunity for sellers extortion extortion.

lied internal staff extortion, seller friend beware

 see also a mail fraud, seller friend need to be cautious

recently, amazon seller to hugo network broke, around some do yamaxun platform sellers, all received of the same type extortion mail: each other disguised as amazon internal staff, claim to master the seller shop brush single evaluation of evidence, said if not within a specific time frame its account certain amount of cost, own to amazon report, until the shop closed.

according to its introduction, due to each other extortion amount mostly in 50-200 dollars, many sellers see this mail, holding money misfortunes of idea, wire the money later, hindsight be blackmailed, but will do little to.

novice seller common other fraud routines inventory

in addition, in addition to the above camouflage internal staff blackmail phenomenon, there are other common blackmail type, seller friend also need to worry about, beware of cause unnecessary losses.

a, malicious negative feedback threat

hugo network learned, some scam are self-described professional evaluation company, at first, novice seller cannot identify orders come from criminal gangs, when order complete after, they will to mail to sellers blackmail, said if not in accordance with the requirements of transfer, will in a short period of time bad review.

there is buyers drilling platform rules loopholes, such as delay, deliberately not receipt confirmation and then to not receiving, logistics hysteresis and other complaints disputes grounds, to sellers ask for payment.

or buyers get the goods after, deliberately exaggerated product of wear condition, in comments and notes in hype commodity damage and "bad" picture, even non-reason give negative feedback, lead to sellers dsr score decreased, reduced shop exposure, blackmail requirements reparations.

second, evaluation brush single fraud

the first is first normal charge your product cost, and then evaluation brush single commission. then wait one or two weeks past, in background refund return, then fished side on.

there is a normal charge the product evaluation cost and brush single commission, then screenshot retention, said to go to amazon over there reporting abuse, then said give him a few ten dollars can not pursue.

three, logistics fraud

one is to use seller shipped timeliness as a bargaining chip, talking about introducing price is one thing, middle charged again with a variety of value-added costs: sorting fee, operating cost, changing packing and so on, and if seller does not pay, it stuck not to next go.

and is the use of logistics channels of opaque characteristics, tell sellers goods detained by customs, need pay several ten dollars, some sellers check end there is no, it'll pretend online record slow week, wait a week can see.

sellers how to deal with extortion?

industry insiders said, amazon official staff, is not to seller collection charge delete related brush single evaluation evidence, general will only directly to seller sent small red flag.

if sellers encountered was malicious blackmail, first remember to preserve evidence, you can then to platform official customer service report filing, and looking for evaluation team and logistics company, must choose professional team and compliance company, lest because some small cheap cause unnecessary losses.

if, sellers really were reported, to how to deal? industry sort out 3 key points:

1, amazon officials routinely first email asked, so serious answer amazon message inside mentioned problems is essential, try to provide clear logic of real data.

2, must admit error, if the choice is a through free customer products to obtain review evaluation behavior, at this time you approach them very important, and detailed description.

for example: seller is through third-party evaluation institutions complete all buy evaluation, no direct docking purchaser, get way is customer get free products and then leave product evaluation, each evaluation commission 10 dollars.

3, need to provide evaluation of third-party institutions specific contact information, e-mail, web site, recommendations encounter such problems, sellers do not easily sell partners, (and if they are partners extortion, the problem did not arise), to avoid amazon withdrawal of the complaint, can provide foreign evaluation website address link.

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( Editor:hugo net )