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week headlines: ali 2 billion dollars wholly acquired koala, independent stations sell closed shop


this week (september 2-9 months 6 ), foreign trade b2c electricity supplier tinydeal of official website decided to close business notice; ali 2 billion dollars wholly acquired koala and led netease cloud music; lazada in 9.9 promotional recently launched new features; july beauty of goods to china trade deficit rose to 32.8 billion dollars ...... more dirt information, can continue to drop-down, reading full-text access!

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amazon or cancel france commission up-regulated

electric commercial daily news: recently, macron in g7 summit said, france and american digital taxes become "very good agreement ", overcomes our relations difficulties. in "digital tax" international agreement, france will cancel national levy digital tax, also to have tax company returned difference. if the french digital tax really canceled, this means that amazon france up-regulated 3% commission rate perhaps will canceled.

cross-border independent stations sell tinydeal closed business

hugo network news: foreign trade b2c electricity supplier tinydeal website decided to close business notice.

"unfortunately, we have decided to close our business. september 5 before order will be as usual send, one of our customer service will continue operating through 2019 end. thank you in the past few years of support ."

currently tinydeal site can no longer browse and buy any goods.

zalando in berlin open offline pop-up shops, attempt to lay-offline secondary trading mode

hugo network news: it is reported that, zalando in berlin alexa shopping center to open the new pop-up stores zircle, the pop-up stores will sell zalando wardrobe application on clothing. in recent years, zalando line expansion of the momentum, the its is attempt to lay-secondary trading mode. it is understood, zalando wardrobe is zalando last year opened mobile app, allow consumers in the program sell second hand products to get reward. currently, the app in germany alone available.

ali 2 billion dollars wholly acquired koala and led netease cloud music

hugo network news: september 6, alibaba officially officer xuan said, alibaba group to 2 billion dollars wholly acquired netease's cross-border e-commerce platform koala, while alibaba as led party involved in the netease cloud music this round 0.7 billion dollars of financing. ali will give full play to ecological synergistic effect, let chinese consumers access good imported commodity consumption experience. while hope cultural entertainment field more chemistry.

amazon because the seller abuse of power was fined 4 million euros

sina financial news: recently, according to local media reports, amazon because in contracts with third-party suppliers introduced abuse powers and by paris commercial court fines 4 million euros (4.5 million ).

amazon responded by saying: "court of limited provisions ruling, most of which provisions were earlier this year next update. we always for both our customers and sales partners best service ."

lazada and malaysia government next year digital tax cooperation

hugo network news: according to foreign media reports, lazada has for malaysia government early next year implementation of digital tax ready.

lazada malaysia station chief commercial officer kevin lee said, the company would work very closely with the government, and further determine tax details. september 3, he represented lazada in kuala lumpur with malaysia appliances website senheng signed a memorandum of understanding (mou ). this potential to help senheng better integration of online and offline business, and for its new retail strategy add momentum.

paytm and female community platform sheroes reached cooperation

hugo network news: it is reported that paytm has and female community platform sheroes signed strategic partnership, as part of a settlement, paytm application on specifically for women build a community platform.

it is understood that this social platform will as interactive social information added to paytm inbox, women can wherein participation health, occupation, cooking and hobbies and other theme, the platform can be used for and community share with other people in life story and achievements.

lazada in 9.9 promotional recently launched new features

hugo network news: september 3, lazada announced in annual 9.9 big promotion before rolling out new features.

a, new bill payment function, this will allow lazada user through website or app pay their electricity, water and other public service charges; two, lazada will for sent to home and receiving inconvenient consumers courier collection point; three, lazada also launched a new "pre-sale" function, let users can in the upcoming big promotion before timely selection and ordering goods.

ebay 2019 autumn sellers update officially released

hugo network news: recently, ebay announced the 2019 autumn sellers update, some of a significant change and will sellers impact.

in ebay 2019 autumn sellers update, ebay allows sellers to on mobile devices create promoted listings (promotion list) activities, and allows authorized users in seller account in perform basic listing task, to improve efficiency.

amazon updated amazon attribution of function, help advertisers measure advertising influence

hugo network news: recently amazon updated amazon attribution function, can help brand advertisers into its platform. in fact, amazon attribution last year beta, has been hundreds of brands in use this function. amazon in a overview page explained: "amazon attribution can help you maximize roi, and increase your product sales. you can observe how consumers on amazon found, research and purchase your product, to measure search, social, display, email and video media channels."

amazon north american station sellers meet the requirements of the new goods exempt from monthly storage or removal cost of

hugo network news: recently, amazon north american station released on storage and removal cost announcement, as follows:

to encourage sellers continue in amazon.com on test new commodity, amazon for meet the requirements of the commodity classification in amazon new asin free monthly storage charges and removal cost, and this offer extended to february 18, 2020 day. favourable time slot in, for the promotions of sellers on amazon eligible commodities classification created up to 100 new asin, amazon logistics for each asin of front 50-piece goods exempt from monthly storage charges and remove costs.

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july beauty of goods to china trade deficit rose to 32.8 billion dollars

21 century business herald message: eastern time september 4, commerce department american july goods and services import and export data. according to statistics: in unadjusted basis, american of goods to china trade deficit rose 9.4% to 32.8 billion us dollars, for january highest level since. it is understood, july, american chinese imported growth 6.4%, on chinese exports fell 3.3%.

indonesia intends to amazon, google and others vat

hugo network news: according to reuters reported on september 4, finance minister sri mulyani indrawati said, indonesia is proposed a bill, ready to google, amazon and netflix and other technology companies increase

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