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traditional factories most acutely, fully mechanized production or future trends


 traditional factories most acutely, fully mechanized production or future trends

foreign trade environment downturn, coupled with trade war bring uncertainties, many foreign trade factory export orders in this year have been certain influence. but nantong ying su head wu zhen xin said: "our nantong textile factory, this year orders are to keep up with the explosion."

maybe you also curious such contrarian growth is how to do? hugo mesh belt you find out.

foreign trade factory development bottleneck: order flocking and recruitment difficulties, comprehensive cost increasing

"national strict environmental protection, environmental protection substandard factory was eliminated, the industry competition reduce, our order than previous years more multi." wu zhen xin gave away the reason.

wu zhen xin tell hugo net, march this year suzhou factory and explosions occurred after, related departments to increase factory raids, including printing and dyeing factory all demand a cut. check content mainly sewage and safety production, including factory of wiring, cable, and personnel wearing, risk warning signs and other existence some violations operation.

"now environmental protection supervision of intensity, there are many environmental protection unqualified small dyeing factory direct obsolete, this also led to order all to compliance of dachang chung, factory orders linear rise. but troubles us or existing number of workers, can't meet expanding order book, long period also later, traditional foreign trade delivery now also significantly delayed, sometimes came large single all flesh is weak."

"hiring difficult, difficult to use, keep people difficult" has been many industry pain points, and this point in traditional foreign trade factory embodied most serious. wu zhen xin referred to that, it'seems, some helpless, "current, our industry the biggest bottleneck in workers, now of workers first is older, and young people generally than in a factory work; the second is low quality, highly qualified culture talent, basically will be options look more decent work, wage instead secondary; third is the wages of the workers ever more high, because human lack of, many factories in order to for workers, constantly improve the welfare, basically stable in 4000 or so, for of the whole production cost will increase a lot, rose probably are getting 1.5 times."

textile industry future development trend: mechanised, master core technology is key

for current plant "recruitment difficult" situation, wu zhen xin think future with technical renovation, factory full mechanized production mode may this contradiction weakening.

"for example, beginning digital printing is used to proofing, later digital printing technology more and more mature, machine precision is higher and higher, faster and faster, it becomes a regular trend. like now have some semi-automated do simple process machines, but made out of effect and no artificial so good, now the machine accuracy is not high, but its production capacity is very high, one machine 12-16 hours, equivalent to 32 to 36 personal work all day of capacity, so future science and technology continues to improve, fully mechanized production possibility is quite high."

but wu zhen xin also mentioned, for now, some automation technology although has achieved initial success, but not mature, textile industry fully mechanized realization still a ways off, so short time maybe "recruitment difficult" problem, still cannot find good solutions.

wu zhen xin also spoke, traditional foreign trade factory to able to accommodate future developments, master core technology is the key. to have their own original ability, is in the core technology, in particular the appearance patent, small and medium enterprises in not enough sufficient resources and energy under with large enterprises compete, the need to focus on in a specific field delve into, making enterprise's non-substitutability; another point is brand awareness, market best way is to have dominant brand, even if current factory brand no fame, but also to actively to promote, slowly will brand subtle implantation to consumer impression, brand strategy will be a foreign trade factory seize market competitiveness of core.

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( Editor:hugo net )