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deft plan next year in american listed, wish us direction freight highest drop more than 15%


bigcommerce new 3 free theme

hugo network news: in order to with shopify and squarespace rivals such as competition, bigcommerce recent will free theme products increased a near-doubling.

reportedly, bigcommerce free theme products added 3 themes form. previously, bigcommerce only 2 pcs free themes and 7 free theme form, now free theme and form to 12, each new theme can meet specific businesses groups demand.

deft plan next year in american listed, ipo valuation of 25 billion dollars

bloomberg news: it is reported that deft plan listed next year, the last round of financing in valuation of 25 billion dollars, allegedly this round of investment mainly from tencent. predictably, tencent-backed deft of will and bytes beating getting more competitive, 8-year-old deft is ranked "bat camp tencent and in second-tier bytes beating were gladiatorial "killer mace" one.

microsoft to all allow for advertising responsive search advertising beta

hugo network news: it is reported that microsoft is to all allow for advertising its responsive search advertising beta version.

responsive search advertising earliest by google introduced, according to search query automatic adjustment ads. this makes advertisers can test thousands of title and description of the combination, without creating multiple ad series. advertisers up to 15 title and 4 pcs description, microsoft for each searchers provide ideal combination, advertising combination can contain up to 3 titles and 2 description. microsoft also responsible for identifying performance better advertising combination, these combination will appear in a for advertisers report prepared, poor performance of advertising combination will not be shown again.

flipkart annual big billion days will be launched in september 29

hugo network news: flipkart announced its flagship activities "big billion days" will start from september 29, for 6 days to october 4.

in order to meet big billion days of sales, flipkart said, the company has to seller to provide delivery function identifier twice as many, and on their networks increased about 30 thousand pcs kiranas, to provide consumers with support.

uk millennials tend to use debit card

hugo network news: recently, the yougov shopping and consumption habits of a major study display, british young people become aversion credit ". instead, they growing ambitions to provide more convenience, to avoid debt payment innovation. by clearpay (uk money services) commissioned studies show, young people debt accept far than their elders, they are strongly inclined to use their debit cards just about every kind of product, and hope in shopping and financial services have more innovation.

udaan complete 0.3 billion d round of financing

hugo network news: founded in 2016 of udaan is india a fast-growing b2b platform, its goal is to become a large e-commerce portal, designed to help small and medium enterprises in online competition and growth. it is understood, udaan gmv has reached about 1.2 billion, and is attracting a large number of funds.

it is reported that the platform recently in d round of financing in raised 0.3 billion dollars, the date of financing total more than 0.68 billion dollars.

russia amazon "ozon annual growth rate of 80%

hugo network news: ozon (russia three online retailers) ceo alexander shulgin said, now e-commerce take-off of all conditions are in place, the industry at least a decade of rapid growth.

it is understood that, at present, russia's online retail accounted for total retail turnover of 4.5%, and to 25% a year growth rate, several e-commerce giant of growth rate is 70% more. last year ozon year-on-year growth rate even close to 80%, and is expected to once again triple growth.

wish american direction freight highest drop more than 15%

hugo network news: from september 11, 2019, fbw-us-lax warehouse (fbw overseas warehouse los angeles warehouse) and fbw-us-ord warehouse (fbw overseas warehouse chicago warehouse) freight formal adjustment! multiple weight period of freight have significantly reduced, highest fall was greater than 15%.

this fbw overseas warehouse american direction of two large warehouse freight adjustment, 15 ounces (oz) and the following weight classes package freight basic have different degrees of decline (except 10 to 12 ounces ), the new shipping price, 1 to 4 ounces weight classes of freight only 3.35 dollars, by more than 15%; 5 to 8-ounce freight only 3.47 dollars, a decline of more than 14%.

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