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vietnam business platform tiki china merchants


lazada upgrade six large cross-border policy: will hatch kol service providers

recently, in the "easy cross-border links global" 2019 first cross-border electricity supplier new platform summit forum, lazada cross-border investment and ecological senior vice president xi yu from platform policy, logistics warehousing and so on comprehensive interpretation of the lazada six new upgrade policy.

first upgrade is global select, global collection, through more appropriate forum for the support and brand promotion, finally let consumers get faster, cheaper and more worry-free online shopping experience.

second upgrade is enabling businesses depth operation. around cross-border businesses in incubation, growth in pain points, in hatching growth, platform tools, training, guidance and services support four aspects, lazada on different businesses to provide a complete service and support, businesses can in into lazada after rapid growth incubation, become sell.

the third upgrade is build cross-border service ecology. this year in addition to continue training and incubation service providers, will focus on vertical class service providers, such as language translation, flow operation, kol, him in full link for cross-border businesses to provide support.

fourth upgrade play is cross-border businesses brand. want more businesses to join to club300 + activities, back to 300 do 500 do 1000.

fifth upgrade is deep logistics experience. specific to do embodies in four aspects: accelerate reconciliation and claims speed, enhance reverse logistics prescription and tracking; state visual, abnormal order treatment aging accelerate, in six countries do 72 hours prior to arrival; same time, brasilia overseas warehouse establishment to thailand, launched in singapore 2.0 bag namely single free postage services; finally will continue to polish shipping related services.

last upgrade is incremental products system upgrade.

shopee 99 super shopping day order increase 3 times cross-border single increase 5 times

recently, cross-border e-commerce platform shopee announced 9.9 super shopping day report: order up to 2018 same period 3 times; sales up to 1 minutes up to 187606 pieces. in addition, big promotion day cross-border single amounted weekdays 5 times.

9.9 super shopping day, shopee live broadcast function total views over 50 million times, popular games shopee shake and puzzle answer function shopee quiz same to millions of times viewership record breaking.

the 9.9 big promotion, shopee chinese cross-border sellers sales hit a record high, 9.9 day single amount increased to weekdays 5 times. in cross-border hot category, 3c and home appliances category, fashion accessories category, beauty health care category occupy hot front three seats, which 3c electronic category of more in shopee up to six market occupied cross-border hot category first. meanwhile, in around shopee mall hot list of shops, xiaomi, huawei, oppo, vivo and other domestic brands were list along.

sea find incremental? jingdong investment in vietnam electricity supplier came

jingdong investment vietnam local b2c electricity supplier tiki is brewing expand recruitment chinese businesses plans.

it is understood, as tiki biggest shareholder-jingdong, the cooperation mode is, jingdong equivalent tiki of a big seller, to jingdong platform products imported into tiki platform, at the same time, both have logistics cooperation, tiki to jingdong learn logistics technology.

at present, tiki of tmall mode business accounted for 50% ~ 60%, from 2016 to third-party platform transformation. in last november, its cross-border sector, and this year officially open china merchants.

"tiki also hopes of attracting some high quality, reasonable price of small brand settled, this for some of china's small and medium-sized sellers, is a big into vietnam market opportunity." david said, tiki platform will also for chinese-seller to provide live, coupons, net red marketing drainage way, next will further help seller to provide google and facebook of drainage services.

state council announced canada tariffs commodity first exclude list

according to the customs tariff commission of the state council on trial carried out canada tariffs commodity exclude work notice "(tax the announcement [2019] 2 ), approval of the state council, customs tariff commission of the state council 11 announced first canada tariffs commodity first exclude list, the first canada tariffs commodity, first excluding some commodity, since september 17, 2019 implementation.

where appear from list commodity, september 17-20, 2019 20 years september 16, impose no extra i counter beauty 301 measures the slapped tariffs. the levying of duties, taxes be refunded, related import enterprises shall exclude list date of 6 months required customs apply.

next, customs tariff commission of the state council will continue canada tariffs commodity exclude work, announced in due course follow-up batch exclude list.

shenyang cross-border e-commerce comprehensive experimental zone construction full speed

cross-border e-commerce bonded zone model in shenyang area of shenyang comprehensive bonded zone comprehensive operation. this means that cross-border e-commerce retail import regulatory new policy official in shenyang floor markedly. meanwhile, service platform, trading platform and a number of support cross-border e-commerce industry development platform carrier is stepping up construction, shenyang cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone construction comprehensive then speed up.

commerce: accelerate processing trade bonded maintenance project landing

commerce announcement said, 1-8 months, china's import and export total 20.13 trillion yuan, growth 3.6%. among them, exports 10.95 trillion yuan, an increase of 6.1%; imports of 9.18 trillion yuan, growth 0.8%. ministry of commerce official said, accelerate processing trade bonded maintenance project landing, support huawei carrying out bonded maintenance business.

paramita and korean-style supply chain company philip springs into exclusive strategic partners

paramita announced officially with south korea's largest supply chain company philip spring hong cheon form exclusive strategic cooperation partner. this cooperation purpose wei hong springs hongcheon depth cooperation of more than 140 korean-style and european and american-style brand provide chinese-market of one stop kol marketing solutions. same time, jackfruit's cross-platform kol electricity supplier westock will become philip spring hongcheon in china brand docking of specified window.

jingdong logistics enable bonded collaborative warehouse force cross-border supply chain

jingdong logistics in fujian officially opened first bonded collaborative warehouse, the bonded collaborative position in fuzhou jiangyin regal international logistics park, will through professional cross-border pathway capacity for e-commerce enterprises provide one-stop import solutions. pre-project will for businesses to provide professional cross-border services, late use jingdong logistics international warehouse with integrated supply chain services, for businesses to provide set of cross-border solution.

wish open its european second distribution center

billion state power from foreign media was informed that, wish only recently announced its european second distribution center, located in amsterdam, the netherlands. it is understood, netherlands of distribution center is wish part of the strategy, purpose is closer to local suppliers, faster service in continental europe consumers.

it is reported that wish's another distribution center located in tallinn, estonia, the company serves 18 different countries customer, and amsterdam serve this company in 21 market customers (15 of which market and tallinn of the same ).

in addition, wish europe multiple countries to scale up their local wish project. it is understood that european retailers-in its local wish website, buy express box printed with "immediately delivery" or "home delivery" goods. retailers of need in advance of these commodity scanning and finishing, and stored in a local store. when a customer through wish order these products, they can rapidly in partner store in delivery and distribution.

lightinthebox 2019q2 earnings: quarter revenue 58.14 million yuan

recently, cross-border

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