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cross-border e-commerce do?


a, what people will go to do cross-border e-commerce?

first understand now what people will go to do cross-border electric shang ba:

  1. in general has its own supply of friends (this is an advantage)

  2. traditional foreign trade enterprise transformation

  3. other electronic business platform businesses

will be very concerned about cross-border e-commerce this space.

next elaborate on these people.

first why have supply of friends, there will be some advantage? if you have some quality supply, or innovative products, coupled with our commodity prices in international is not a particularly transparent, and manufacturing of developed, artificial cost low, you eyes move to cross-border e-commerce, already occupy a certain upstream resources.

secondly, whatever we do at home which e-commerce, actually product of price's no secret that everyone can be found, many businesses can only in terms of price do kung fu, lack of strong financial backing, you get in so price on play, and in train or promotion costs increasing, new channels and hard time digging, risk and high.

two, what are threshold

with competition "and more and more, so cross-border e-commerce will not exist what restrictions friends entry conditions?

language? can't read foreign?

in fact this is not difficult, because now of erp software is well-developed, can direct a key translation. as for friendly speed ride platform operation, in fact, and domestic e-commerce platform no large difference, in listings, shelf and function set and so on are similar. of course, like you in amazon shelves product to use upc codes, these are actually basic knowledge, we doing before, first understand the platform requirements just fine, you don't even platform basic requirements are unknown in.

in fact and domestic e-commerce, do this line most key or in operations. so how do you according to their own conditions to choose a most suitable platform, what are the platform for us to choose? let us then recklessly.

three, cross-border platform choice

we familiar with cross-border e-commerce platform is nothing more than amazon, ebay and wish and aliexpress.

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( Editor:cross-border for official circle )