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cross-border e-commerce sellers how from supply chain environment "province" the profit?


2019 cross-border e-commerce competition began to return to " supply chain manage , past cross-border sellers regardless of the cost of price competition, lead to consumers are low price of net purchases of goods "spoiled ", many sellers gradually realize simple price war has lost competitive advantage, began to focus shifted to layout "supply chain" on.

efficient supply chain management and control is cross-border e-commerce survival development one of the core competitiveness of the

nearly a year, as the china-us trade war continuous fermentation, more and more countries began to levy electric business tax and other problems, and cross-border e-commerce increasing competition, making cross-border sellers survival more difficult, should not only consider how to adapt as quick as xuan zhong trading environment, also facing because taxes lead to order amount decline and by additional costs have to raise prices and reduce profits.

in this regard, cash-rich foreign trade factory production department transferred to vietnam other countries seek greater development space, but face internal and external pressures of cross-border e-commerce sellers, really take things too hard will abandon the business for many years of cross-border business directly switched careers, more unwilling sellers choose try to upgrade to make counterattack ", to boost competitiveness seek survive.

today, past "price war" already failure, in such complex circumstances and they are fast-growing industry "army ", is those with powerful resource integration capacity and good supply chain of sellers. therefore, the current cross-border e-commerce competition begins to return to the original supply chain management and control, "supply chain of world" gradually become many cross-border shipping consistent consensus.

however, wonderful story always someone's home. in fact, it is understood, at this stage, many cross-border e-commerce sellers, especially in small sellers face because supply chain mismanagement of product sales unchanged, operation effect difference, people effect low, capital turnover and slow, the development difficult, even at any time may be cross-border e-commerce development of the "wheel" left.

this, sellers how from the perspective of supply chain "province" out profit, improve competitiveness?

procurement: in cross-border sellers supply chain cost, procurement cost accounted for a relatively high. can say, sellers and supplier bargaining capacity is directly related to procurement cost. in this regard, some sellers said that they by strengthening and supplier cooperation, and reached a cooperation and win-win relationship way, in order to enhance bargaining power. not only that, they also according to background sales data and use erp prediction products stock, reasonable arrangements for procurement plan, to reduce procurement risk and cost.

logistics : supply chain logistics contains procurement and distribution of freight . same time, logistics distribution supply chain competition key. how to reduce logistics cost? shopee sold forest zong ru bluntly, front-end according to the product market demand for accurate stocking; and back-end-from packaging , in ensure tightly packaging of products, appropriate reduce packaging, avoid logistics cost waste.

people effect: currently, many sellers began to use information, data of smart inventory administration system, in order to achieve warehouse efficient operation and increases work efficiency. in addition, standing on personnel management, for example, you can press work nature personnel fine division, method: the human effect.

operation: about operation, hugo network learned, some sellers will background of consumers shopping information construct shop of database, by analyzing consumer behavior and preferences, targeted products and services optimization, and then do precision operation, enhance consumer shopping experience, also reduce some unnecessary returns , so as to effectively reduce return cost.

account period: good capital flow is cross-border e-commerce sustained and stable operation. of course, account period as capital flow important roles, determines sellers man's life and. because in the stocking, transportation, storage and other links paid a lot of money, at this time, sellers if and supplier to negotiate for a loose-fit account period of time, help accelerate financial turnover, used capital and opportunity cost.

neither the initial "price war ", or "supply chain" competition, for sellers, is essentially to the market, consumers demand-oriented, will cross-border e-commerce supply chain for possible cost all-round control, so as to realize long tail.

now on the market of supply chain large and small is very much, so selection cross-border supply chain company, need to find out, so as to avoid future problems, hidden costs a lot, if you don't know how to choose, here small make up recommended: can understand kai cheng supply chain, kai cheng supply chain was established in 2017, is a Stay tuned for more information:Global Home textile website 91 Home textile website

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