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excellent! traditional foreign trade veterans fought amazon, quickly take category first


2005 to outdoor products as the main" weapons "campaign traditional b 2b foreign trade, 2014 resolutely turned, with audio and video home products open cross-border e-commerce door.

a few years cross-border tour, company of some categorisation already take down amazon american and canada station champion throne, xiao li this wave operation let a person gasp in admiration, and, his brilliant and bright life record also worth all foreign trade people carefully read.

traditional foreign trade veterans fought amazon, win category first

from traditional foreign trade switch cross-border e-commerce, from outdoor supplies into home products, whether products or operation mode has greatly span, in brand new challenges environment, xiao li also can take category first good result, it makes a lot of people feel incredible, but xiao li knows some, as long as everyone willing to to accept new things, willing to take the initiative to learning, in any field can shine.

2005 , xiao li of company was formally established , initial work focused traditional b2 b foreign trade Stay tuned for more information:Global Home textile website 91 Home textile website

( Editor:liu xia )