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transsion holdings on kechuang board public offering, rakuten plan october 1 restart fashion e-commerce platform rakuten fashion


global aliexpress start double 11 investment, enlarge recruit sponsors home open up new market opportunities

hugo network news: september 18, taking global linkage, win in double 11 "as theme of alibaba global aliexpress 2019 double 11 tour conference, first stop in hangzhou launched.

this year's double 11, aliexpress will cover marketing, flow, social, logistics and other multiple platform side function and services, allows businesses to open up new market opportunities and business opportunities. aliexpress platform marketing director zhu geelong introduced, compared to previous years, this year aliexpress double 11 play the biggest difference, is from single product shopping guide to content shopping guide, through short video, live, graphic elements such as way multiple theme zone, reconstruction good goods.

slowing global demand of increasing evidence, japanese exports fell for the ninth month in a row

hugo network news: august japanese-style export 9th consecutive months of decline, international trade rising tension the japanese-style risks, although decline slightly lower than expected. it is reported that japanese exports this negative data to japanese-style central increases the pressure, forcing its extension of incentives, to boost business confidence and manufacturing activities.

foreign media reports, in recent weeks, american trade policy uncertainty over the direction, to american, germany, japan and other dependent on export-led economies shadow over the growth prospects, industry concerns about the global economic downturn still exist.

2019 first half russian e-commerce sales growth 26%

hugo network news: research institutions data insight data calculated, russian business market in this year first half as fast growth, to 725 billion rubles (slightly higher than 11 billion ), compared with the first half of 2018 growth 26%, the data concern russia domestic entities sale of products.

first half of this year, russian business website processed a total of 0.191 billion orders, an increase of 44%, this figure at historical highs. data insight pointed out, this year first half of the orders and throughout 2016 comparable.

wal-mart push new york fashion brand scoop amplification online market

hugo network news: it is reported that wal-mart on september 16 (monday) table

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