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cross-border e-commerce assists jiangyin foreign trade export see toughness is paying off


as new foreign trade business of cross-border e-business, in recent years in jiangyin witness fast development. to manufacturing base for relying on, jiangyin of cross-border e-commerce prominent function agglomeration, advantage fusion, to "three areas storehouse" overall layout calmly cope with complicated foreign trade situation, upwind under see toughness.

these humble stone pendant, through this two-small office, year can in ebay, on amazon sold to european and american-style customer more than 150 thousand. currently to small jewelry export flagship jiangyin excellent cheng pin electronic commerce limited company sales this year can be close to 1 million beauty yuan. excellent cheng pin electronic commerce limited company background operation and maintenance pan ying ying description: "these pendants in european and american-style of sales is good, for them unique, think texture look better, they will high purchase."

like this incubation period of small and micro enterprises, currently in jiangyin postal cross-border e-commerce industrial park total of 18, already out incubation stage of the enterprise, and more than 20 home. excellent cheng pin electronic commerce limited company general manager zhou li yi said: "through postal, industrial park and government and other aspects of support and help, relieving us of small and medium enterprises some burden, for our normal operation and following-up of some help is very good."

jiangyin postal cross-border e-commerce industrial park head sun wei description: "current jiangyin postal industrial park mainly relying on jiangyin ems, international parcel for delivery, year of delivery business volume was about 25% growth."

not only in b2c mode in" midas touch ", jiangyin of cross-border e-commerce in broader b2b field large pace from "shallow water" to "deep blue ". end of august, jiangyin exports bucked, complete 9.98 billion dollars, an increase of 5.2%.

located in jiangyin maurice gourdault-montagne of bat group is a large sweater foreign trade enterprise. 2012 in american established a 23000 public overseas warehouse, dramatically improves the cross-border e-commerce enterprises competitiveness. bat cross-border e-commerce industrial park head chen hony said: "european and american-style country it was christmas season, order to multiply that time capacity will be very nervous, original to ship for possible with costly air to move out, may even all row i couldn't say one. with overseas warehouse this piece, can advance products in advance mass shipped to overseas warehouse, then in the united states received orders can be from american warehouse direct delivery, such timeliness greatly improve, can reduce nearly 50% of logistics transportation time, and also cost less to almost half. we and bat los angeles overseas warehouse has service nearly 30 companies, mainly wuxi area of enterprises."

august this year, focus on textile and garment industry and bat cross-border e-commerce industrial park officially commissioned. wuxi adams extension textile science and technology limited company is the first batch of enterprises, this company and bat jointly developed a "black technology", production of sweater sutureless, a molding, boost international market competition

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( Editor:wuxi bo bao )