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developing cross-border e-commerce insurance is general trend


with the consumption upgrade and belt and construction, cross-border e-commerce has become more and more popular. for deal with cross-border business in hidden risk, insurance industry explore generate a variety mitigate risk, guarantee parties trading successfully completed a new scheme.

now, more and more enterprises through cross-border e-commerce export commodities, there are more and more consumers buy cross-border e-commerce products. but, in this long chain of cross-border procurement process, consumers carefully selected items suffered damage, lost pieces, delay, even fakes such situation has occurred, this has severely degraded the consumer shopping experience and on cross-border e-commerce recognition.

insurance of bud is originated in the maritime trade risk sharing form. with digital development, more than 50% of global trade services has digital, cross-border e-commerce of the trade form has changed a lot, insurance carrying cover international trade long-term preservation risk and realize its full economic compensation role back to front, for new insurance product joining digital trade new problems is the trend.

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cross-border e-commerce new industry has appeared for a short time, business model to traditional set of goods mode to fragmentation, short-term massive orders change, matching insurance product few, this insurance company and insurtech businesses bring market opportunities. cross-border e-commerce user perception level, just a single, payment, logistics and delivery process. but the underlying supply chain level, is a very complex system, including customs customs clearance, inspection and quarantine, cross-border transportation, offshore storage, procurement distribution and many other link. related fields enterprise after combed found, a cross-border e-commerce orders may need to experience up to a 15 links will reach consumers hands. this huge industrial chain on different links exist different types of risk points, insurance can be disaggregated to on a per link insurance product design, actuarial and risk control pricing.

according to the author, at present, there are internet insurance tech startup platform joint insurance company developed multi-new-style product, introduction of the so-called "cross-border e-commerce ecological insurance ". such insurance provided purchase process risk full coverage: first for sales product itself provides assurances; followed by fallback clearance process uncertainty factors and risk; again is to solve logistics distribution in damage, loss, delay. in credit level, genuine insurance, product traceability insurance and credit insurance provides businesses based on insurance services of credit endorsement and after-sales guarantee. such as june this year, ningbo free trade zone with china life insurance corporation of cross-border e-commerce genuine insurance pilot reached a cooperation, the genuine insurance by ningbo bonded zone management committee insured, ningbo free trade zone within the cross-border electronic business platform for the insured, insurance indemnity beneficiaries will be the cross-border e-commerce platform or buy cross-border e-commerce commodity consumers. that is, if consumers in cross border shopping in buy fakes can get compensation, commodity security types will also in the next three years 100% fully covered.

in cross-border e-commerce insurance innovation behind is technological strength of strong support, which block chain, big data and artificial intelligence technology sing leading role. big data for analyze operational data, monitoring can data exchange information sharing; using ai to develop credit rating, insurance company-the cross-border e-commerce ecosystem of enterprise inside out. according to block chain technology characteristics, all records to block chain information cannot be tampered. based on block chain platform to build cross-border e-commerce products traceability system and covered the whole process of the insurance system, make between the insurer and save intermediate links consumption, directly through blockchain information transmission, information real, transparent, credible, -provider and consumers concern fakes, forgery, illicit transport and complaints. meanwhile, insurance information and claims information in chain can not be tampered, also avoid the false insurance and potentially fraudulent phenomenon.

cross-border sea amoy for most insurance companies for just cut cross-border e-commerce insurance of a entrance, both consumer upgrading of cross-border e-commerce import, or driven manufacturing global sales of cross-border e-commerce export, are national policy encourage important areas where. development of cross-border e-business to improve china's foreign trade competitiveness, shorten circulation channel and promotion of their international development and transformation and upgrading have extraordinary significance.

especially belt and road initiative and" digital silk road "global warmly received after,"

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( Editor:wear meng xi )