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international express federal announced january 6, 2020 will raise freight and surcharges


it is reported that american fedex announced last week, will raise its fedex fedex express, fedex ground (fedex ground) and fedex freight (fedex freight) freight and surcharge. this price adjustment policy from january 6 next year and for implementation.

the company in a published statement, from january 6 next year, fedex in american internally business and export and import business of freight average will rose 4.9%.

meanwhile, fedex ground transportation and door-to-door business (fedex home delivery) the freight will also increased 4.9%.

in announced on freight adjusted, fedex services surcharge of adaptation measures will enter into force on january 20, 2020, including fedex and fedex freight business in additional handling of goods and oversized cargo applicable service, standard and price fixing.

it is understood, fedex up-regulated freight and surcharges, perhaps due to performance pressure extra-large. fedex reported, 2020 fiscal first-quarter revenues for 17.05 billion dollars, below market expectations of 17.06 billion; net profit of 0.745 billion yuan, down 10.8%; operating profit of 0.977 billion dollars, down 8.8%; operating margin was 5.7%, same period last year operating margins of 6.3%.

it is understood, logistics during peak season, enterprise surcharge is not unusual. british royal mail subsidiary gls recently announced, in upcoming shopping season will be in Stay tuned for more information:Global Home textile website 91 Home textile website

( Editor:logistics baba )