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cross-border e-commerce brand sea american, small and beautiful products and localization is under a trump card?


from alibaba international station to aliexpress to amazon platform, from hardware and building materials to swimsuit to magic scarf market, involved in cross-border e-commerce 3600 days later, -to-own-brand with deeply obsession of-he built chinese-only hospital magic scarf and brand phocoena.

50 thousand market research found in business opportunities

"a few days ago colleagues open computer, found approximately 50 thousand files are american market research data "shenzhen mai skone science and technology limited company founder wang rui sermon.

he to hugo network introduced, magic scarf originating in spain, but inflows american market also have 10 years of history. current, spain, germany, usa, great britain, japan, and indonesia magic scarf market potential are very large.

wang rui spent six months investigation american peer brands, customer base distribution, customer preferences, and each related category, such as fishing, mountain climbing and other data. data display, american 0.33 billion multi-population, nearly 1/10 of the people on the magic scarf demand, and locals habits will magic scarf as a one-time product use. for instance, a ready for sea fishing 10 days of people, will one-time purchase 20 headscarf. in addition, like hiking, running and other outdoor sports people, more inclined to choose permeability strong fabric, but wang rui to american magic scarf brand sa products study found, its breathable effect is unsatisfactory, therefore, he was determined to develop more breathable magic scarf fabric. in addition, he found on the market in existing product style is single.

"amazon and 1688 nearly 90% magic scarf design elements are skull. but actually, this style in american market only two places use, a is halloween; another is extreme sports, like, rock climbing, skateboarding, play locomotive. although this population like magic scarf, but mass very small. the reason, in fact, a lot of people is by sa brand of guidance. company early design one thousand multi--skeleton, until now also sell very fire, in short supply, even some american customer said skull is magic headscarf. therefore, many chinese thought american market only this element ."

wang rui said they last year also designed more than 200-skeleton, purpose is to first in life in the different market cut a piece of "cake ", inherent "cake" cut after to cut america's "new market ". for example, american fishing lovers might like marine totem, therefore, fishing rod, fishing nets and other related equipment have may bear such pattern, so they also collect and reserve this design element.

popular + localization design, play market one day

in addition to local market research, he also use accumulated before market actual combat experience, quickly get some clothing, design elements crawler, and specially invited american industry designer, he turns designer close communication exchange.

"pop elements and product integration, for example, next year american popular partial purple, that our product style that direction design. we will refer to american outdoor sports industry of color and other popular trend. of the most common and reference and learning american large brand of popular elements, because these brands have very deep canvassing abilities, but note that, absolute please do not simply copy."

not only that, their team for various taxonomic to design can meet different-audience in a different style.

"although phocoena brand is with a male market started, but i am very optimistic about phocoena future in female market development prospect." wang rui talking.

because magic scarf unlike party turban, it just a no stitching barrel-shaped cloth, with dozens of wear law, very convenient. therefore, americans, especially women in travel, costume party, outdoor gatherings are more regular use magic scarf, because magic scarf not only wind-resistant sun-protection, also can play dress up role.

he thinks, "women market will outbreak ." because market existing magic scarf fabric although feels very thin, but-even in the absence of wind wear, is very hot.

currently, they are developing a off the market fabric, thickness not more than 0.3, almost standard. data test, although fabric contact skin is no feeling, but uv-protection effect than sunscreen better, available in the market fabric sun-protection coefficient is generally 25, and this fabric up to 50. in addition, taking into account women's sex beauty psychological, they are about to launch next year of the new, women wear up like the new makeup, "if they put lipstick is red, when wear magic scarf after, the mask will show purple or, at other times showing red." present, he said, women look is there are many, therefore, they will based on this concept to open american women market.

in addition, talking about this year and volatile international trade environment, wang rui and unlike most sellers struggling, "a trade war and does affect a lot to american market-based chinese cross-border sellers, but because magic scarf not in trade war tax list, and this redesigned, small and beautiful products are basically by air, so little implicated, but in american market showing explosive growth ......"

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