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brand sold on overseas promotion three key points: localization, brand filing, marketing channel


localization is cross-border e-commerce brand sea key to winning

chinese cross-border e-commerce sellers often just to sell and sell goods, with little regard to what products in line with market demand, how can brands long-term survival and development. after all, brand sea must provide customers with localization services.

1, localization channels:

"now, chinese e-commerce sellers lack localization channel development ability ." shenzhen mai skone science and technology limited company responsible wang rui to american outdoor sports industry as an example, if american several of vertical sites outdoor category sales combined should be amazon's five times more. in other words, sellers shouldn't have brand sea channels locked in amazon and other several cross-border e-commerce platform, target state of local-vertical electricity supplier website may is into local market better alternative to the conventional way. in effect, the realization brand sea sellers are doing localization channel.

2, localization brand name:

localization of brand name for brand sea for is also important. "for instance, we do american market, we spent more than a month to find now this phocoena brand name, it symbolizes dolphin mean, not only americans like, and good pronunciation."

wang rui recommended sellers, brand sea of all matters must based on local culture, design, audience preferences and set off. most chinese brand often make a mistake, together nice name as brand name, but the target consumer, when they don't understand pronunciation, this trademark's really tough.

3, localization operation:

in fact, some cross-border sell localization do well, such as anker. part cross-border sell even in targeted countries with incorporation of a local team, in customer service in, market research, service and other, these are brand sea need elements. of course, sellers or through local hire some customer service, designers and, by phone and their communication, let them do some local brand operation work.

4, localization design:

once had a do outlet strip friend to wang rui talk: "our company's innovation ability is also very strong, every year send millions do more than 20 mold, and our company's products in china have been sold very well, but by american how not selling." wang rui help them analyze the reasons, final analysis chinese culture and american culture differences-china outlet strips color more, and americans are more like black; in addition, americans like big things, means if their hands greater, outlet strips will like greater sizes. so something based on local culture and to demand for design, no one willing to pay.

each design should be in overseas do ip filing

for brand sea for sellers, brand filing is another key point.

wang rui said, to avoid infringing problems, their each product design in american have for record. "in fact, in the us, any design with filing, not only can know their produce to with big conflict, also can make a person knew this product is and seasonal popular style to match."

but chinese sellers abroad brand filing, may and encountering hole in. wang rui cited the fact, such as american magic scarf brand sa will advance industry general keywords first registered become their own trademark, for example "mask" word, sa from its inception, it as a trademark patent, that other use of the word people count tort. in this regard, he worked with several brands joint appeals, to overthrow this "invalid" trademark patent. fortunately, according to american, have three more brand complaints patent invalid, then this patent will generally be ruled invalid, but this cycle or two years.

worth mentioning is, american have related filing web site, as long as sellers is first products, and in filing web site with pictures, worry about infringement, record web through artificial intelligent automatic gripping and recognition picture, as long as the seller sent this picture before, no similar picture, if your brand infringement, filing website dropped they warn, lawsuit, lawsuit success after, compensation will give sellers half."

brand marketing essential

wine is also afraid of deep alley, chinese enterprise brand sea, promotion marketing essential.

in wang rui opinion, if is magic scarf industry, according to american market estimation, can own more than 5 million of consumers, can be considered a small brand prototype of. and that more than 5 million of the audience every preferences, go to meet, this requires 3-5 years precipitate. so brand promotion, must with relevant vehicles, such as e-commerce platform, vertical website and present more fire of social media.

at this stage, wang rui in youtube, facebook and some american third-party vertical website find some outdoor class objective to net red do live. its products in native american some vertical on third-party websites performed well; meanwhile, also have in american amazon on test tests.

by comparing some data after, he found amazon explosion models lagged american third-party vertical website, and this point-in-time turned out to be two to three years. means present in american vertical third-party websites sell burst of products, three years, there is a possibility in amazon outbreak, as when he predicted swimsuit; meanwhile, some class objective to vertical website mass also large of amazing, for example as american a large outdoor sports fishing, related vertical website in local sales than amazon much larger.

"in cross-border e-commerce brand sea road for so many years, we have suffered from many suffering, face multiple platform selection, so multi-product of choice ...... but in these choice in fact is a learning and carving process, we had dropped aliexpress, ebay pit patriarch's electronic products daomaidaomai process in, own brand dream ever lost, and later discovered, cross-border e-commerce brand sea road, localization, brand filing, promotion marketing these three points can play a decisive role." wang rui sighed.

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