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three amazon feedback and its processing method


for seller novice, to figure out amazon feedback, is-piece embarrassing things. the following is our to facilitate as sellers of you, understand amazon feedback of 3 main classification, written by briefly guide.

if you sell through amazon products, people will first tell you of one of them is: feedback is very important. sellers need positive feedback, and requires a lot of positive feedback. but at first, customer feedback for you, can say is a very complicated concept.

amazon feedback mainly divided into 3 categories, each with different role slightly different.

the following is amazon feedback of 3 types, and for each type of feedback, sellers need to know:

buy furniture letter

buy furniture letter is very important, but are often ignored. forget to buy furniture letter reply, it makes sellers easily because public feedback and worried.

in many cases, buy furniture letter might be sellers first to a class of feedback. if information is positive, it becomes an opportunity, let sellers can with buyers build relationships, and to encourage buyers to for sellers left open feedback.

on the other hand, if information is negative, became sellers solve problems, lucky to avoid adverse public feedback opportunity.

buy furniture letter reply, amazon requiring sellers to high level of customer service, hope you no matter in a week in any time or any day received specialized information, can this 24 hours replies. weekend or public holiday, even sellers is in vacation, no exception. platform always hope sellers timely replies.

from provide buyers selection potential theme list, most buyers will to private message to submit complaints about. these topics include my goods where "," travel time can shorten ?" and "arrival commodity is wrong ". fortunately, even if these buyers complain a little, but at least willing to not let problems into the open.

if sellers with an open, efficient and friendly way, solve the questions from buyers, buyers may always let problems into the open.

product evaluation

amazon actively encourage send product evaluation, and some evaluation can very elaborate and detailed. buyers can for a product, self-leave detailed evaluation, and leave-star score. if as sellers of you, can maintain a high star ratings, is granted a sold products and improve product sales of opportunity for positive.

product evaluation should be completely to products and non-seller performance for focus, through product details page and non-vendor profiles page display, and can by anyone, no matter whether to buy the seller of the products.

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( Editor:FeedbackWhiz )