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amazon and ebay issued sellers warning"


according to foreign media reports, since october 1, for the german consumer sales products online retailers must to the trading platform provide value-added tax (german vat) certificate of registration or risk will be banned sales.

these certificates can from german tax bureau (finanzamt) get, mainly used to verified sellers of german vat registration whether meet the latest requirements, and for in germany no vat obligations, no need for new tax proof. it is understood that the provisions since march 1 this year for non-eu sellers.

according to foreign media said, there are many business activity may have german tax registration obligations, meet the following four cases one, will produce in germany carry out tax registration responsibility. and in accordance with need to register german vat requirements of sellers, need in october 1, 2019 registered tax practice proof submitted to the platform to avoid account will be held prisoner.

a, in germany established enterprise.

two, is being sold in germany storage of goods.

three, goods from pre-storage inventory of eu foreign countries to german consumers, all sales channels each year in germany aggregate turnover of the 100 thousand euros.

four, from non-eu countries to german customer delivery, and own (or represent their carrier) is registered importers.

it is understood, at present, amazon and ebay have to a seller "warning ".

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