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wish interpretation 2019 policy change


1. exempt seller kai dian fei? wish interpretation 2019 policy of variable

september 23 message, in 2019wish annual sellers conference, wish released 2019 next platform core strategy and deployment, and announced in 20 20 years for a logistics plan extension, epc extension, expand fbs logistics, optimization merchants experience, optimization user experience planning.

meanwhile, wish will also soon for four policy updates.

a, reduce policy reparations amount: currently wish updated 6 reparations policy, covers products modify, banning products, misleading product/variables, manipulate reviews and ratings, shelf promotional product/shielding distribution destination countries (country), infringement of intellectual property rights and.

second, limited exemption 2000 dollar shop registration fee: utc on july 26-20, 2019 19 and december 9, newly registered active shop without paying 2000 dollars shop registration fee.

three, improve, tips, resources: by providing training resources and put more effort to improper (operation) behavior of automatic detection mechanism to continued support merchants.

four, new projects: extension and replace "integrity shop" project, based on user experience and policy compliance performance of shops for periodic assessment, using a number of merchants performance indicators of algorithm, according to performance grade on specified shops for including platinum, gold, silver and other grade rankings. same time-new products and existing products will provide some free product flow qualification.

in addition, the following for billion state power finishing 2019wish in logistics project, pb flow, emerging markets, and season preparing for and strategies adopted measures:

a, seller's store, product operation suggestions

first, this year platform store rankings deep on, wish recommended sellers to pay attention to the following five points:

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( Editor:billion state power network )