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such as culvert in beauty of groups litigation, club factory won 0.1 billion dollars to finance


shopee launch targeted single burst package; hugo network app 5.0 upgrade, build platform shop fast-track and global quality service resource pool ......

 such as culvert in beauty of groups litigation, club factory won 0.1 billion dollars to finance

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red net electricity supplier first shares" such as culvert in beauty of groups litigation

netease science and technology news: according to media reports, including american rosen law firm, including more than 10 american law firm on "red net electricity supplier first shares" such as culvert holding launched class action, on such as culvert investigate and seek claims. and such as culvert face class action of reason is, investors questioning such as culvert prospectus left out big adverse facts, the post-ipo stock price from issue price of the 12.5 dollar way down, hurt investors interests. its prospectus false, misleading description of content including online stores number, net red number, net revenue and.

ali, jingdong, tencent list forbes global digital economy top 100 enterprises

36 krypton news: october 11, forbes released global digital economy top 100 list, 14 chinese companies list, which china mobile limited company ranked highest, ranked 8th, alibaba group and tencent holdings disaggregated 10th and 14th. other list of chinese value include tsmc and hon hai, china telecom corporation limited, china united unicom (hong kong) joint stock limited company, jingdong, baidu, millet group, china tower co., ltd, legend holdings, lenovo group and netease.

brexit or will lead to freight trading cost increased to commodity prices 24%

search network news: recently, foreign media analysis reported that british off europe, will likely improve port tariffs. at present, from brexit deadline less than a month, indications that british likely "non-agreement leave ", and shippers, freight forwarding the will therefore face changes in tariff, lengthy customs clearance procedures, freight congestion and butterfly effect.

according to oecd) study found, brexit will lead to freight trading cost increased by up to commodity value 24%.

chile customs seized an american loading more than 3000 ammunition container

search network news: recently, customs in iquique, chile international terminal, was stopped from miami (miami) departure transfer free zone of container ship, on board a container within filled with 3,314 different calibres of ammunition.

it is understood, this ammunition to be mounted on an incubator of, including 13,200 ballistic shells, 24 kilograms 750 grams powder, hundreds of bullets, one for building and calibrating projectile machine, for transport rifle of qiang qiao, and six sets for assembly same number of firearms set of configuration.

customs said, this ammunition concealed for cosmetics. it is reported that the case involved container ship there is no message, official did not disclose the specific involved container ships and related customs broker, but after investigation has identified the origin of a product is north america.

japanese-style express proposed acquisition india supply chain company

electric commercial daily news: recently, japanese-style freight enterprise express (nippon express) announced, stake in india future supply chain solutions company future supply chain solutions, fsc), expanding large india market share. express claimed, the acquisition is its enhanced high-speed growth of the indian logistics market position of strategic initiatives, but stock purchases proposal also needs regulatory and shareholder approval.

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