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shopee battle lazada, like "ending" tmall international netease koala battle?


september 6, 2019, vibe multi-day "ali 2 billion acquired netease koala" case finally settled, both of whom have in chinese cross-border import business compete to jealous of giant, ushered in the "shake hands a pro" scene.

based on ai media consulting released 2019 first half of chinese cross-border e-commerce market research report shows, first half of 2019, netease koala with 27.7% of the market top, alibaba of tmall international and jingdong sea hoard global share was 25.1% and 13.3%. according to analysys analysys released 2019 1st quarter of the chinese cross-border import e-tail market quarterly monitoring report display, tmall international with 32.3% of the market, continue to maintain first, compared to the 1 quarter (2018 q4) 31.7% of the proportion, market share lead further expanded. although based on different reference dimension, two peoplehave industry first remains debatable, but undeniable is, tmall international and netease koala has sits on china's import business of the first two places. and this "race each other" old king, whether looks a lot like southeast asia e-commerce market shopee and lazada each stroke of today?

who in lead southeast asia e-commerce market?

and former tmall international and netease koala" qualifying war, shopee and lazada in southeast asia also in ge qiang heights. according to iprice (malaysia electricity supplier aggregation platform) and app annie (mobile market data providers) recently released "electronic business map" studies have shown, lazada's monthly active users (mau) most, is pc and mobile terminal network of the most visited platform, with 7.5 million visitors. lazada in first quarter of 2019 are also among the area's "mau champion ", the study will lazada in singapore continued success to its "shoptaainment (brand entertainment consumption) "marketing strategy.

 shopee battle lazada, like

(source app annie: 2019 q2 southeast asia month highest activity of mobile shopping app ranking)

however figures likewise, shopee in southeast asia in second quarter of 2019 shopping class app top, took home number of monthly active users first (hereinafter referred to as mau), desktop and mobile network access first and total downloads first three large crown. meanwhile, shopee is singapore 2nd quarter of this year most downloaded mobile shopping app, its website traffic is also a corresponding increase in 11%, only in singapore, its website second quarter average visitors more than 2.8 million, prove its powerful acquire new customers ability.

 shopee battle lazada, like

(source app annie: 2019 q2 southeast asia most downloaded mobile shopping app ranking)

singapore just southeast asia e-commerce miniature the fight for, two in indonesia, thailand, malaysia and the philippines competition same stalemate close.

discerning eye know, shopee and lazada competition, actually is tencent and alibaba in southeast asia about taking on. which has two giant, a in the social field achievements people can not hold a candle, another in e-commerce a moment no shake. although tencent in campaign domestic

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