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amazon sold so many cases, small sellers exactly rolling and no living space?


sell small sellers we treated equally. known amazon is from garage come out, a little from a very small enterprises do, therefore we discuss here to large and small significance little.

 amazon sold so many, small sellers have living space?

july 5, 1994, in seattle bellevue outside a with garage office amazon officially established.

when asked what kind of sellers for amazon most valuable, they usually say: to provide customers with high quality, various sellers of product easier on amazon success.

the flip-leak, and you never try to find out a positive or negative answer.

and as sellers, who also don't miss global shop amazon early "pick up money" to lie?

amazon global store of chinese sellers open is in 2012, large-scale investment in 2015.

the same year as amazon in guangzhou convened the first global shop sellers summit. it can be said that as long as is in this stage incoming of as long as clever point of, all make money.

pick up money era even waist without bending, early amazon how good do you may not know. burn advertising? non-existent well, you just need to huaqiang north counter electronic products from rmb directly into dollars put go can single, accidentally single burst.

fba is standard? non-existent well, amazon strong push fba this big kill not early.

what safety audit, packaging, ou dai, category audit, vat, real evaluation, account second instance these all non-existent well.

if that time you can be, and account management, supply chain management, slightly anymore to product thinking plus than others more diligent, then congratulations, you must be now of a tree, how proud based electricity supplier ......

this is before 2015 global shop amazon pattern.

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( Editor:again and again cross-border payment )