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foreign trade people funds "heaven" to "hell "? offshore accounts is being massive clean-up ......


recent, hong kong bank mass cleaning account, closure of a large number of abnormal accounts and "zombie households ", many foreign trade enterprises have caught. there were even talks "end of november, most offshore company accounts will be repaying ".

investments money-laundering? offshore accounts status

hugo network learned, in territory offshore account opening service mainly has two kinds of banks: one is foreign banks, such as hsbc, standard chartered bank, netherlands banks; a class is chinese banks, such as shenzhen development bank, guangdong development bank, china merchants bank, shanghai pudong development bank and. in addition, hong kong can offshore account with one of the banks have hong kong hsbc, hang seng, boc hong kong etc. offshore account business early main is convenient investors in overseas investment projects, business, main services to high-end professionals. however, as economic interests of evolution, offshore bank also becomes criminals to launder money of common places, its low side encouraged residents tax avoidance or tax evasion.

insiders pointed out that, hong kong banks mass cleaning account move, under global anti-avoidance, anti-money laundering of the great pressure and global crs information exchange implementation requirements, banks and other financial institutions pay all accounts comprehensive due diligence investigation. comprise two main aspects: one is the new account audit strictly; two is the bank internal self cleaning offshore accounts and "bots ".

what is crs? it is understood that crs author is oecd (oecd ), to promote between countries tax of the mutual exchange of information, joined the crs of countries or areas need to automatic exchange tax residents account information, purpose of effectively and avoidance; behavior. namely, joined the crs of country or region, the banks are obliged to depositors information disclosed to other member countries of the tax bureau, no matter is bank deposits, or insurance, securities, trust, futures or fund all overseas assets. and mainland china, hong kong, china and macao, china, as early as 2017 became the second batch to enter crs of countries and regions.

offshore accounts were frozen there factors, and is general trend

insiders said that those checked or frozen-in account, mainly exists in three cases:

1, company was established for many years, account opening years but always do zero declaration not audit tax of the company is focused on targets;

2, high amount high-income account and enterprise, money-laundering and changing foreign exchange signs of account is key inventory object;

3, income 6 million hong kong dollars more accounts is key inventory object.

foreign bank professionals pointed out," past year or two, global anti-money laundering requirements surrounding, asked of central banks more and more high, hong kong onshore accounts of management cost more and more high, therefore, the earliest probably in 2017 from hsbc start, requires customer improve relevant information, if not "kyc know-your-customer requirements, account will gradually stop use, and requirements cancellation.

and these closed business account in, mostly business normal trade enterprises, because bank notification overdue and information, or does not required to achieve a certain amount of balance precipitation, or short of sufficient volume, difficult to be identified for normal trade behavior, there will be repaying risk to that ".


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( Editor:hugo )