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shopee product selection is important! what to do?


many shopee sellers in shop early, it's easy to slip into order shortage, commodity even flow are not, what is probably to a problem, this time on highlights shopee product selection importance of.

do cross-border business product selection is important, shopee product selection in line with current market positioning appropriate marketing, then it is easy to have orders. however, now many sellers directly use various erp software collect large quantities of goods and directly uploaded to the platform, regardless of whether they are in line with market positioning, this effect self-evident.

then what have we to shopee product selection? large companies generally have a special product selection personnel, he will to local effects of all kinds of life habits, even political religious etc. so, as a small seller? let small make up simple introduce shopee product selection of some sources:

(1) the official wechat public number: each site daily hot products data.

(2) the site of the weekly: per seller assigned a docking manager. every week we can according to manager of wind direction weekly to every site are market in. not yet and manager of seller friend can in different qq sellers group questions, anyone would like to share with you.

(3) shopee the site home page: in the weekly bulletin know which category is popular categories after, to the website home page see categories under which products sold by sales sort exclude advertising ).

and view these hot products price range, understand market consumer payment preference, this lets you according to cost product pricing.

when you pick some goods, don't rush to find sources shelves. you need to find more goods, and go to product details page view others is how to do this. specific include: nine-dimensional figure, evaluation and sales, labels, details description and current product selling points.

e-commerce is not sell goods, but to sell picture. only when you commodity main pictures have enough selling point when, consumers will be guided click to enter details page. nine-dimensional figure should reflect usage scenarios, and prominent selling points.

(1) details part. see sell product details page planning layout and product description, you in the details page in highlight your product usps of the form a differentiated.

(2) on label part. understand big sellers of label is how to make, and which tags suitable for current products. remember do not copy all label, because if you completely copy them, your product weight not like big sellers such high, and will be ranked behind. here you can learn. you can choose some, but not all.

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( Editor:again and again cross-border )