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listing optimization first: product title and image optimization steps


listing of optimization was a big job, this week we first talk about title and picture of optimization.

title optimization

a good title, to have let customer after reading don't need to look product description generates correct purchase behavior capacity, maximize for product drainage, improve exposure and orders.

a good title to what?

a. core keywords

diction subjective, many sellers for core keywords grasp be biased, there are some special nouns and simple noun between transformation. user's search habits different, for example customer need buy a dress, she might search "dress", may also search "onepiece ". this requires seller user search behavior investigate.

b. product characteristics

product features include its color, material, size and so on, also need in title pointed out in the scope of products to buyers to correct guidance, especially to distinguish the sex products.

a good title cannot have what?

a. sale information

many sellers will habitual promotional message hanging title on, such as "free shipping, new arrival, hot sale" and so on, in fact, these information in amazon itself product hits stores rules and promotional tools have embodies, therefore discouraged on title with these words.

b. all caps

you think all-caps title cool? wrong. in amazon released products, all caps belongs to "non-canonical" characters. specification is entitled except prepositions (and, with, for, of and should use lowercase) outside of each word in uppercase, all sentence of prepositions first letter to capitalize.

c. spelling error

whether big sellers or novice seller will screwup, best in title set after let others help check, also to avoid chinglish and expressions.

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( Editor:captain )