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amazon open singapore station into southeast asia, many cross-border enterprises intensive won financing


this week (october 8-10 -july 11), shopee launch targeted single burst package; amazon launched singapore site; wish "double 11" period will wish express products discounts; club factory won 0.1 billion dollars to finance; chile customs seized an american loading more than 3000 ammunition container ...... more dirt information, can continue to drop-down, reading full-text access!

[platform those things]

shopee launch targeted single burst package, enabling chinese-brand sea

hugo network news: it is reported that, southeast asia e-commerce platform shopee in double 10 big promotion launched during shopee brands suite targeted single burst packages.

it is understood, for brand and sell tailored shopee brands suite, not only contains shopee mobile and social strategy under dominant function, such as keyword advertising, platform flash sales, home exposure, also contains specific sellers of local services, such as shopee for many cross-border sellers built warehouse overseas.

wish" double 11 "period will wish express products discounts

hugo network news: recently, wish platform releases announcement to say, this year's double "11" day, wish in addition to providing consumers with all wish platform range of discounts, will also in the double 11 shopping festival "during the november 5-20, 2019 19 years november 8 to global consumers with whole wish platform in wish express product specialized discount promotions.

club factory won 0.1 billion dollars to finance, among india's third big electric business company

hugo network news: recently club factory complete 0.1 billion d round of financing, the financing by qiming led, old shareholders bai (bertelsmann asia investments) and swiss capital excess chasing cast. it is understood that after club factory in january 2017 completed nearly 20 million dollars b round of financing, also won the february 2018 the c round 0.1 billion dollars of financing.

it is understood, club factory in india market, company beyond snapdeal, and amazon, flipkart side by side to become a indian e-commerce top three, its india local sellers business also in nearly half a year in excess of the 10 times of growth.

amazon launched singapore site

hugo network news: it is reported that amazon announced singapore site (amazon. sg), local consumers can desktop, mobile device browsers and amazon app application, buy including books and audio-visual products, electronic game, consumer electronics, toys and mother-to-child, and kitchenware and home and other categories, including millions of product selection.

ebay comprehensive open multiple purchases function (multi-buy)

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( Editor:hugo )