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how to grasp seasonal products sales rhythm, do season, off-season two both?


normally, people sales evergreen product, because it can bring long-term stability sales. but seasonal products could mean opportunity quickly and easily profit, especially if you in christmas, prime day, independence day and other sales hot holiday timing words.

this paper discusses how to utilize those promotion end minute of bulk buying commodity, these goods may become shopping cart of a highlight.

seasonal products: high-return, high-risk

sell seasonal benefits of the product are you can use volume buying boom. last year, amazon broke christmas holiday records, through prime in american delivers goods more than 1 billion items (in contrast, just two years ago, global prime delivery more than 1 billion-piece ).

but high-volume potential is not without risk. although initial investment than other times low, return potentially at less, but not in a year-round sustainable business model, correct prediction and stocking may difficult.

seasonal-is the name of a" changeable ", their inevitable recession is hard to predict, such as finger tip top, sesame street tickling doll (tickle-me-elmo), angry birds and. even if you needless fashion seasonal items and difficult to forecast how much inventory, and when stocking in.

some products life cycle longer, for example, winter jacket, gloves, swimsuit, water sports toys, outdoor sports equipment and other, which means they have a lower risk of (but sales may not so high, because them more dispersible ).

depending on your sales targets. like skates or hockey stick such products in canada or scandinavia and other places 'd get a sale, but you must also take into account the intensity of competition, rising participation costs, seasonal weather and other factors of.

if you are considering selling weather warming season items, you sales of national site also to va. in warmer climates, inflatable water toy is good low-risk goods, in colder climates, it may be more popular product, but latter profit time to short much.

seasonal sales can be attributed to careful planning

on amazon sales seasonal products, successful larger factors one of your plan, careful, careful and wisdom.

fortunately, seasonal products often year after year, the displaying mutual theme, a large number of data available. you can use google trends or amzscout and other tools, see past trends and peak is what, and how to apply them to your own inventory in.

for example, if you intend to sell winter gloves, season may be october, november to february or march, december and january may be you raise prices more month. from april to september, you have to give gloves with a great discount to keep their sales.

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